Now… if we could just get Jill up and running!

OK….I’m lying!   Jill is FANTASTIC!   (Do I use fantastic to much???)  IMG_0417

She had another Rotary speech the last Wednesday.  I didn’t want to just gush about her fantastic (ok, I am using it to much) speech when I was having mine the next day. If you read the last Blog, you will know that speech was great.

So what about Jill?  Yea, she hit it out of the park…again.

Jill could do SO much…if she really wanted to.   I could to ALSO do so much…but I have to ask for Jills’ help!  See the problem?

You can imagine how this puts a damper on my work.  Why can’t she be more like ME?  She spends so much time doing things I need her to do for me that I forget they are my requests, not her desires.  Wouldn’t it be SO much easier if she were just like ME and she wanted exactly what I WANT???