Wow…we are somebody!

Did you see that?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.48.40 PM

No?  How about now?

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.21.12 AM

YES…that’s right!  Jill’s book, Painful Blessing, was advertised today on Amazon!  I quickly went to the site to see how many MORE books I sold. It must be flying off of the “shelves.” They probably need to increase how many they print.   I better schedule more time so people can interview Jill and me.

Wait…Are they just advertising this book to me?   No…I don’t think so. EVERYBODY is seeing these ads.  Or are they???

What more can I learn?

mobile-learning-tech-online-edI was thinking I could learn a few more things to boost me to the next level.  The TRUE answer: I need to learn EVERYTHING!

After accepting the fact, I felt kind of relieved.  I DON’T know everything and nobody expects me to! You don’t know how freeing this was.

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My website was killer                                It needs some work

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My speech was ready                               It needs some work

I thought :                                                The truth is:
My sales process was working                   It needs some work

The GOOD news:  I found my angel…and she agreed to do it… for free!

I met her while she presented at the NSA Convention.  I got her address and I mailed her Jill’s book just to thank her.   She received it, read the book and attempted to email me the next morning.  She was up at 6:00am HER time, which was 4:00am here!  She told me how much she enjoyed the book and how she want to help us.  Do you believe that?

What a gift!

Web site moving forward…

nigelI found my guy. He is not located here; he is in Jamaica!

I talked to a bunch of people, mainly from India, and I needed to explain to them what I wanted.  I contacted each of them on Skype and I tried to explain what I wanted to do.  I told them “I had a stroke, so some of my words don’t come out correctly.”

Then I explain to them, the best I can, what I wanted. The problem: I couldn’t explain it.  How could they know what I wanted?  So when I was done, I asked each of them to explain it to me.  Everybody, EXCEPT Nigel, couldn’t answer!  They were all standup people, but they just couldn’t understand my broken English. Nigel, on the other hand, explained it perfectly.   I have my fingers crossed. I will let you know how it goes.