Is there anything else you need???

In preparing for my speech next week, the person asked how I would like the stage to be set up.   This should straight forward, right?  So I wrote the following:

I would like a laptop on the table with plugs for the sound system.

What am I talking about? 10 years after my stroke, I STILL have trouble with this.  So I asked Jill to help me.  Effortlessly, she said:

I need a podium to stand at so I can read my speech from my iPad.  A lapel microphone is important so I can move around a little.  Nearby, I will need a table that can hold my laptop. With that, I can see what is on the screen behind me and advance the slides.  Also, my laptop needs to plug into the projector and the sound system.

Holy cow…my sentence did NOT give what I needed…even though I have given this speech over 500 times!   You would think I would know that and have a work around?

When I go over my set up with the client, I have a checklist of what I need.  But this time someone different ASKING me what I need again…. it is very tough to say without going through my checklist.  So, I tried to say it…with funny results.   Now, I have it ….just in case anyone asks!

Do you want to laugh at this horrible truth???

I still have this horrible trouble answering questions!

Language is difficult for me.  Organizing my thoughts is even harder.  Even now…If you and I were to briefly speak to one another, ….you might think my cognition was fine.   (Click on first picture.)

That’s great, don’t you agree?  But if you were to ask me an open ended question, you would probably draw a different conclusion. (Click on second picture.)

I am lucky I can laugh at this!!!!

Was I ok?


Jill spoke to Speech Pathology students and faculty at Pacific University Wednesday night.

Usually, we give the speeches as a service to those who want to further their careers in helping those who have trouble communicating.   We feel this is a good service to let them know that what they do matters.

What made this audience so special?  The questions they asked Jill at the end of this presentation…and all the feedback they gave her.  There was a line of people, who purchased the book, and wanted Jill to sign it.  Some had family members who were struggling, some wanted a better understanding of their patients, and others just wanted to talk to us.   Jill had a great time and said it was one of her favorite audiences.

God Bless Pacific University and all that the students there are working to accomplish.  Seeing this made us happy to keep speaking and spreading the word.