Can we talk for a minute?

I thought about it a lot …and I feel the need to say something…my kids are awesome!

I know what your thinking: they probably look at my site a few times a week to see how I am doing.  No! …But to be fair,  if my father had a website, I wouldn’t have look at it either.

Why am I excited?  My kids are becoming REAL people!


Rachel (21) is attending here last year at Universally of Oregon.

Rachel came home for 1 day this weekend and we had a fabulous time.  We did our weekly run (Einsteins, Target and Costco) and then we went to Ikea. We had a great time.  Then we went to the car wash (for the outside) and we cleaned the inside.  While we cleaned the car, she told me what is in her plans after she graduates.  I must say, I was really impressed with how much thought she has given her future. file.rTom (19) is attending Oregon State.

Tom only comes homes come when school is out.  The way I see it, he is finding himself and I think the time away is good.  I realize I am completely stupid now, but hopefully I will start gaining knowledge when he gets into his 20’s.  This is what happened to my father and me.  He made amazing strides when I reached 25.

I just want to say how proud I am of our 2 adults!  They both reached out to us today and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with them.