Am I getting better now?

shutterstock_309537812When I first started writing my Blog, it took me SO MUCH time…and all I could get out were a few sentences.  Do you remember how that felt?  It was like being 5 years old and trying to explain something. And then when I was done,  I had to read it again, a few hours later, to correct the multiple mistakes!
When I began, I started with 1 posting per week…and No graphics.  It was REALLY hard, but I made sure I fulfilled it each week.  Check it out:


Let’s start the week!

When I first started my Inspiration Speaking business, I was just doing follow up calls on people that I invited to hear me speak.  I had 80 people originally hear the presentation and I was making my follow up calls in between my other job. That was 10 months ago.   Now,  I am meeting people everyday and giving speeches 2-4 times per week!  It’s busy…but I like it that way.

Today, I met a woman who I hope to meet again.  I told her what I was doing and she gave me a few names to call.  She was  fantastic; I can’t wait to call them!  I feel blessed by the people I am meeting. God is looking out for me!

Pretty good, right!  Be honest…I want to get better.  I am open to tips.