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WOW…I was amazed by the kind words of the people attending.  They did a survey of the conference attendees…and this is what they said.  I included “Gordon and Jill Viggiano were excellent” only one time because it was said by SO MANY people:

It was all good, but the Viggiano’s personal story of overcoming his stroke really drove home the importance of what we do. Very moving!

Behavioral Economics, Brain Has a Hole In It

Gordon and Jill Viggiano were excellent!  (A lot of people said this!)

Great presentation. Inspirational.

Amazing story; very inspiring!

The general session with the Viggiano’s was incredible.

Spoke greatly to my day to day in communicating the importance of a DI policy.

Very inspiring. Good choice to have someone speaks who has benefited from one of our products.

Amazing and inspiring story!!

I am going through something similar with my husband so this hits home.  I’m going to share the info with him.

Very thought provoking!  Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your story and vulnerability. It’s a poignant reminder of why we do the work we do.

Very moving!

Such a powerful story!  I enjoyed both aspects. Nobody is immune so being protected is so important.

Very moving and it tells as excellent story as to why insurance is so important.

Very inspiring. Good choice to have someone speaks who has benefited from one of our products.

Very inspiration, touching and motivating. People with different abilities can still be contributing members of society and Gordon is living proof.  Never give up!  You both are amazing! I’m glad you had the disability coverage to help you financially. Keep the faith and continue to inspire others!

This was a wonderful presentation!

Listen to my fans!



“The story you and Jill shared was inspiring, thought-provoking and a welcome departure from our typical speakers at this event.”

Linda Navarro
President & CEO, Oregon Bankers Association


“Working, as we do, in the health care and insurance fields your presentation helped reinforce how important it is for us to always remember that the work we do is ultimately about being there for our members when they need us most.  Your story is a window into what others may be experiencing and how critical is the need for compassionate, competent healthcare.”

Mark Charpentier
VP, Kaiser Permanente


“Jill made their experience relevant to our audience by sharing how the disability insurance coverage that their family had purchased made it possible for them to meet their financial obligations.” 

Janet Schober | Manager, IDI Sales Program
The Standard