More Good News: Supplemental Health, DI & Long Term Care Conference

Dear Gordon & Jill Viggiano :

I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation you two did at our Supplemental Health, DI & Long Term Care conference. You were wonderfully inspiring!

Several people I spoke with thought that you were terrific. You reminded them of “why they do what they do”, which is wonderful because home office people sometimes get disconnected from the people who their products are designed to help.

You are a testament to “never giving up” and keeping the faith! Conference attendees were very appreciate of having a copy of Painful Blessing –which I highly recommended. Jill’s book journaling your recovery was a difficult and heartwarming story.

The feedback we gathered from our attendee survey was very positive too. We certainly hope to have you and Jill join us at another conference we host.



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Thank you Hollis Magee

psu scanI just finished my second semester in the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic at Portland State University.

Last semester, I had such a wonderful student.  She really cared how I was doing and truly gave it her all.  I felt it was my job to do my best.

This semester, I had a different student: Hollis Magee.  At first, she did everything “different” then the student who I admired.  I sensed, she was a bit tougher…and I was inspired by it. And you know what, my progress EXCELLED during my weeks with her!  What I realized is everyone has there own style of teaching and that we should appreciate that and learn from them. I attribute it to the fact that she did really care and had excellent counseling from the faculty.  The students and faculty are FANTASTIC and they honestly do really care about the people they treat.  My hat is off to them…doing such an amazing job with their patients.  I can’t wait for the fall semester. Bless you Hollis Magee.