Sometimes you are surprised!


When I walked into the room that I would be presenting, I was the only one there.  What a surprise!  Soon, the IT guys showed up with a screen, projector and sound system.  BUT it was this BIG, EMPTY room. The previous tenants moved out and the landlords gutted the place so they could show perspective buyers the space.

I was at DiscoverOrg today.  They filled up the room with sales and marketing people that they wanted to get jazzed up for the final month of the year.  Unfortunately, they were all standing.

I wanted to try out my new and improved speech and I wanted their feedback. The first section was how useful/impactful the presentation was:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.02.00 PMI THINK it is alright; I need to move it up a few notches. The CEO gave me a bunch of great ideas to use to make my presentation even MORE sales compelling! I like when someone takes an interest and wants to improve my speech.

One surprise was the sound system.  Jill gave me an idea. Next time, I will put her at the mike and see how SHE sounds.  My concern was that I was too loud, so I didn’t raise and lower my voice enough.  I think I sounded a little flat.

What I didn’t ask was how USEFUL was the exercise I gave them. I was told by the CEO that I should have given a little MORE time. The, he said, ask them to get with the person next to them and tell them the 3 goals the set and when they want to accomplish them by. Then switch roles. That will really work great in bringing continuity to my program.

I think setting goals is a fantastic exercise, but its more important what THEY think!