More About No-Shave November

             2017 Photo                                                                        2018 Photo

Thank god I look the same!!!


While you’re growing out your beard for the month, you’re likely to tell people about why you’re doing it. It’s a great conversation starter, and can really generate a huge conversation about cancer. It can get more people to make sure they’re getting regular checks for prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc.


To properly participate in No Shave November, you should be donating the money that you aren’t spending on razors and shaving accessories to a cancer research organization, such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Don’t just participate in No Shave November to grow an awesome beard — make it worthwhile and donate the money you’re saving to cancer research!


There’s more to growing out your beard than just getting a new look. There’s actually health benefits, too! A beard is a natural toxin filter — it keeps things like pollen and dust from getting into your lungs, because they’re clinging to your beard instead.

It can also help prevent blemishes. Shaving gives you a risk of getting bacteria into your skin, especially if you’re not using proper methods. Growing out a beard can combat this.

November is when the weather really starts getting cold, and a beard can act like a scarf for your face and neck. It’s really the perfect time to stop shaving!

Lastly, a beard can help with sun protection. Obviously you will still need to apply sunscreen, because hair isn’t going to block out 100% of the sun’s UV rays, but it’s been proven that a beard can block up to 95% of them! What better way to support cancer awareness than actually practicing it?

Do I appreciate Now?

Today is good!

I appreciate Today.  Both Gordon and I feel good–healthy and strong.  We still get to live in our house where we have lived for 13 years.  Our kids are delightful.  The sun is shining.  It is warm today but it will be cool tonight for sleeping.  I ate cookies for dessert.  Most of the bills are paid.  The sun is suddenly at an angle, showing Fall is on the way.  The car is full of gas.  I’m not worried about tomorrow.  Yesterday was pretty great too.

When I was a kid, we sang a song in Sunday School:  “This is the day that the Lord has made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  As a kid, I didn’t understand why a regular ol’ day deserved rejoicing, but I do now.  As with most people, I have had some good days, some bad days, and some truly awful days.  All of them have brought me to this day and today is good.  I am happy to take the time to appreciate it.

Jill Viggiano