I was awesome…

Well ok…maybe not THAT awesome.

After hearing me speak, they we’re going to class.  I can’t wait to find out how it went.   If I just went by applause, I would give it an A-.  But, I am NOT the audience….as my wife says. So, we will see!

IMG_0557I spoke in front of 400 students and faculty today and they seemed “moved” by my story.  I was watching the audience as the video played and it was surprising.  Many of the attendees  brought their hand up to their mouths…. as if they were actually living the moment. I never watched the audience before, but I think I will going forward. It made me feel close to the members involved.  I will let you know how it goes.  After years of speaking, I think it is funny that I never watched the audience!

Side note: don’t I look old in the picture Jill took?

I am rusty!

I was at the National Speakers Association last week and I have a “to do” list of things I want to better myself.

It has been awhile side I last spoke.  I have been comfortable watching Jill speak, effortlessly.  I realize I will NEVER be as good as Jill, but looking at her is a great motivation for me to aspire. Jill just reads her talk…and each time…it is like the first time she did it.  Does that make sense?  What a joy to watch her!

Anyway, back to me. After the NSA meeting, I decided to form a MasterMind group of just new members.  I found a few people that I liked and asked them if they would be interested in jointing. I will put together the list now, and mail to them tomorrow. I figure we all have something to bring to the party and we all have something to learn.  I am excited.

I also am going to connect with some people that were a huge help to me.  Before I call them, I will do the worksheets they provided so I know what to ask.  What a fantastic meeting!