…what will come next?

I can’t believe it is the new year.  I don’t know about you, but 2019 seemed to drag on!  Given that, I am excited for 2020. Some say it’s a new decade,… some say it isn’t.  Who cares!

I have a lot in the works regarding my speaking and I can’t wait to see where it leads. As of now, I have only 2 gigs…and it may lead to 12…we will see!  I can’t believe I have 10 projects in the works!  All I can do is my job and that’s it.  I wouldn’t complain, what good would that do.  I can’t worry.  Again…what good would THAT do.

I have to do my job…and that is what I like most!  Isn’t life great? I get to spend one more day with my family and can see what THEY are accomplishing.


Here is a note that my wife recently wrote for the American Heart Association about aphasia:

Patience, humor, and lots of pointing!! We are 11 years post-stroke and my husband’s language ability has changed dramatically.  He started with only Yes and No and he said those words indiscriminately.  In those early years, we needed patience and strategy.  We started with big picture: person place or thing. We worked our way down to what he wanted to say. It was important to let him try rather than start guessing and talking for him and over him. We made games the whole family could play to help him learn words again. No matter how he was doing, we encouraged him and assured him it would get better.  Yes it was hard and frustrating but we kept at it. After about 4 years, he could put 3 words together.  They may or may not have been the right 3 words or in the right order but…3 words!!

Then he started reading out loud. After about a year of reading out loud (usually reading the exact same text so he could measure his improvement) he started saying sentences. Around the 5-year mark, he was able to say 2-3 short sentences in a row. It was an incredible breakthrough.

He still struggles with speaking. Around the house he is pretty good. It is quiet and no stress so he is relaxed and mostly able to express himself. Outside of the house, we try to keep it simple.  No open ended questions. It is a new normal but it works for us.

Don’t give up!  Giving up is the only guarantee that there will be no progress.

Hey, we are speaking again!!!

Nobody likes to think about the “What If’s” in life…that’s why its good to have a plan BEFORE something bad happens.

Come listen how the Viggiano family overcame overwhelming odds and LEARN what you can do to be better prepared.

4.30 – 6.00pm ~ Thursday, May 18, 2017
Oregon Wine Reserve – 600 State St. Lake Oswego.
FREE Admission. First 50 people get an autographed copy of the book written by Gordon Viggiano and Jill Krantz Viggiano.

RSVP to save a seat with Alex Sloy 503.603.3334 or alex.sloy@primelending.com


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We are going on a field trip!

How exciting!  Jill is speaking at Inspire + Aspire Women’s Leadership Conference this weekend.  She will be giving a presentation on the women in her family who came before her and asks “Do they matter today?  Will I matter tomorrow?”

How will it go?  I am guessing FLAWLESS…but I will tell you more after the weekend. She will be joined with 14 other speakers.

THE GOAL of Inspire+Aspire™ is to focus on personal and professional development while being surrounded by likeminded women who are interested in leadership, inspiration, and meaningful discussion.