I am back from speaking in California…a TOUGH day!

Man…it was a tough day!

Because of snow on the ground, we got up at 3:30 AM;  I felt pretty good. We arrived at the airport, went thru my TSA approved line, and had a great breakfast at Capers Cafe. We boarded; no problem.

When we arrived at the airport, Uber picked us up and brought me the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.  What a fabulous place.

Eileen told me I was to go on at 11:00am and I would have 5 minutes to set up.  They had a couple of AV people so I felt confident I could do it in the time frame.  Usually, if everything works, it takes me 2 minutes.  When I hooked up my computer to the projector, I was told it was washed out.  I couldn’t see the presentation; I was just hearing from one of the AV guys.  That didn’t seem to bother them; they got different connectors, different connectors to plug into my computer and lots of other contraptions.  Nothing worked!

After 10 minutes, we told Eileen that we will have a little delay. That was a relief! One  of the AV guys said that he has a Mac.  If I could get my presentation to his machine, it would work. I closed out the presentation and started to transfer it.  Then, all of a sudden, it was fixed!

But now, I couldn’t find my presentation!  A third AV guy came in. He was a pro and a true Mac guy.    Luckily, I had a version of it on my hard drive.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what slides I have added!   So I began my presentation with a little hesitance.  As I got though the slides, they all worked; talk about blessings!