I am prepping for my June talk…

Did I mention no slides?  You heard me right: No Slides!  I had to start prepping last month…and I have another 3 months to get it down!

You would think preparing for my speech is simple, but this 15 minute talk has a little bit of my speech and a little bit of Jill’s speech…and did I mention there aren’t any slides!

I know you can relate. What do I do with my left hand?  I have been working on my speech for about a month.  In that time, I am adding, subtracting and having my wife clarify some situations. Now, I am ready to make my PDF file, and continue reading.

You know what? I haven’t started recording myself yet; I just cringe thinking about how I will sound.  But, I have to do it, if I want to sound natural to the crowd.  If you remember, I practiced this speech for 8 months before delivering it for the first time!

Time Will Tell

OK, I just recorded a few segments…and I was …terrible!  I glad I have another 3 months to perfect my talk…and to position my hands better!  Imagine if the audiences loved what I had to say and wanted more of my time?  And imagine what it would be like to change my speech each time?  I could only do 2-4 speeches per year!  The audience would show up and be happy to hear me speak, but they wouldn’t know of the troubles I had preparing for my talk.

I won’t tell them!


It was fantastic!



OK…I loved Las Vegas…but the first night wasn’t good.

I work up at 5:00am to get to the airport and couldn’t sleep on the plane.  I arrived at 11:00am and had lunch. The opening meeting was entertaining and got us geared up for the following day.  I couldn’t go to the opening reception that night because my mind wasn’t working at all. I got a quick dinner and went to bed. Boy, did I sleep.

At these shows, if I can get just one idea, the show paid for itself.  And that dream was fuffilled!

The following morning was great. I scheduled to see Lois Creamer: “How to Make and Keep Your Millions.”  I guess the title caught me.  In this 45 minute session, I felt like Lois spoke directly to me.  She made sense…and she gave me some ideas I can do right away.  The big one: have a reason why you are calling that person, and then have questions that you ask to determine if the are qualified.   It sounds so simple…so why wasn’t I doing it? I was just leaving my standard VM and nobody was returning my calls.  I started to work on it and will have something to use by Tuesday.  Thank you for that wonderful tip, Lois.

This one idea was with the trip!

3 things I learned about switching vendors

They always tell you that it is easy…It isn’t!

They always tell you that it is simple…It isn’t!

They alway tell you that it takes a few minutes of your time…It doesn’t!

Let me tell you the three things that I learned in the process of moving my hosting from Yahoo to Go Daddy:


1. Do not think it is easy.

2. Be prepared for anything.

3. Don’t yell.

The people at Go Daddy have been great, but it just took some time…about 2 weeks.  And as of right now, my site still needs a little work.  But it is ALMOST there. My advice:

  • Think of the President …and EVERYONE he needs to please on a daily basis.
  • Just relax…all will be fine.