Love Language

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Love language  (Have it in pixie dust)

I remember when my friend Bill Flash name on Screen visited me in the hospital…those first few days after my stroke …in March 2008. 

I motioned for Bill to hand me a pencil and paper. Pause Then I scribbled out a note. Pause

I then looked at what I wrote and it became clear to me…. Pause  I understood the challenges that I would be facing… going foward. Pause

I told him to deliver the note to my wife.   He looked at it and Pause  became tearing eyed. Show teary eyed clip

Teary Eyed

I still have the note and I can see why he became teary eyed. It  Show note    said  tell my wife Jill Pause that I still “ love her. “ Pause   Different Angle Now I’m becoming teary eyed!  Different Angle  Pause

Even when I didn’t know anything, I still knew that one thing: I loved my wife!  Show hearts

Are you in a relationship now? Pause  Are you going thru life,…married…and just taking that relationship for granted?  Pause  Different Angle Don’t do that! Different Angle

Listen To This!

Stop what you are doing …and start expressing gratitude… Pause today.

Pause First, Tell her how well she treats other people;  Different Angle

Pause Second, Tell her you like her sense of humor; Different Angle

Pause Third, Tell her that you really respect her.   Different Angle

Pause Fourth, Tell her that she makes you laugh at the funny stuff  Different Angle

Pause  and finally Fifth, Tell her that you love just being around her. Different Angle

Pause Are you doing this nowPause

Gary Chapman ’s book….The 5 love languages,  explains how you need to talk in your partners love language.  Pause

It Works!

Jill told me about the book and suggested I take the Love Language test.  Pause  It turned LL Test out our love languages… LL Test are similar. …We do value what the other person is feeling.

The Love Language book has changed the way we look at relationships. Pause  Where do you start??? Pause

Take the Love Language  Quiz and read the Love Language book. Love language quiz This will lead you to speak in THEIR love language; honor where THEY are.

Pause I summary, THEIR life … Pause  and YOUR life Pause  will be out if this world! Pause Pause


You want to know something??  Pause Gifts Pause is one of the love languages…and is not one of the things that means that much to us; Pause show love language but gifts  was my mothers Love Language; Pause  

She was all about gifts. Gifts for Christmas, gifts for your birthday, little cards for no apparent reason, etc. Pause Pause I realized that, and started giving her gifts and cards… around holidays, especially mothers day!  She love that;  What a difference it made in her remaining years!  Smile