Why is he still speaking at hospitals?


Yes…I get such a thrill speaking to doctors, nurses, administrators, and therapists…probably, because I have exceeded what they projected what I would get back.  And I LIKE that.

I LIKE being back infront of the people who really don’t know what happens after a patient leaves the hospital.  I gets a sense of satisfaction of knowing what they say could have a real outcome for a patient.  But, so few patients actually come back to the hospital!  Some that don’t come back are just glad to be out of the hospital.  Some are probably just scraping by to make ends meet. Then there are the ones like me: 7 years….  they still have disabilities and they don’t want to come back because they are different.  NONE (well they say none) of these patients come back.  I would like to do something about that!  Stay tuned while I think about what that something is.

My 7 year anniversary is this month. I must say, I feel great.  You will get a different answer from my wife!  You see, her left brain works just fine!