I Am Back!

I Am Back…and ready to change the world!!!

OK, NOT ready to change the entire world…but ready to take on the daily challenges of running a business. I am rested and eager to start.

I just completed fifth my year in business.

I can not believe I have been doing this for over 5 years! It started out giving one speech to    all my friends and has evolved into a full time job.  OK, not really full time job because of me having to nap and because I can’t really speak in full sentences.  If they would only get beyond that….

This is tough for me to get used to…Not being able to communicate properly.  I have an idea, but I just can not put it into words.  You wouldn’t believe how frustrating that is. I read the Wall Street Journal daily, but it is hard for me to stay focused. After reading 2 paragraphs, I am ready to switch stories.

Then if asked about what I just read, I can’t get the words out to describe it. Like I said, is is frustrating.

But what REALLY keeps me going:


We are back!!!


IMG_0398IMG_0399IMG_0412OK…these aren’t the BEST pictures (these are pictures of PICTURES), but it showed what a great time we had in Disneyland.

It was finally time to take a vacation; I felt a little burned out.  I missed our kids. The days were just dragging.

But that 5 days completely turn Jill, the kids and me around.  I feel revised and even more optomistic.  I can’t wait to get back to work.

Be ready for my call!