30 Minutes Went by Like a Snap!

IMG_0562I don’t know what it is…but I just love speaking at schools.  I spoke for exactly 30 minutes (I timed myself) and then Jill answered questions for 45 minutes.  I must say, Jill was phenomenal at answering all the different questions that the audience had.  When we spoke later, Jill and I were very impressed with the thought process questions.

We were speaking to Speech Pathologists.  Unfortunately, that was the ONLY thing I didn’t receive much help when I was in rehab.  When I first had the stroke, we were working on making me stand up, to get rid of that cane, and to be able to use the right side of my body again.  We figured, speech would come back.   We were wrong!  Who knew! I am a month away from the 7 year mark …and I STILL have to work on my speech.

I am involved with an Aphasia group, who is on the east coast. Currently, I am working on a few things and I will let you know of my progress.  I am really excited!  If you have Aphasia, the you need to talk will Bill Connors. The guy is amazing!

Was I ok?


Jill spoke to Speech Pathology students and faculty at Pacific University Wednesday night.

Usually, we give the speeches as a service to those who want to further their careers in helping those who have trouble communicating.   We feel this is a good service to let them know that what they do matters.

What made this audience so special?  The questions they asked Jill at the end of this presentation…and all the feedback they gave her.  There was a line of people, who purchased the book, and wanted Jill to sign it.  Some had family members who were struggling, some wanted a better understanding of their patients, and others just wanted to talk to us.   Jill had a great time and said it was one of her favorite audiences.

God Bless Pacific University and all that the students there are working to accomplish.  Seeing this made us happy to keep speaking and spreading the word.

Another Success

PainfulBlessingCvr-Front-for-webJill did another Book Tour in Springfield, OR.

It was during lunch and I must say, it was extremely successful. Jill spoke for 10 minutes and then people asked questions for over an hour. WOW.  They asked everything!  A few people even decided to ask me a question.

The first person asked me a question.  For the first time, I didn’t understand what he meant. I thought about it, but was uncertain how to answer.  Luckily, Jill answered.  Then, someone else asked a question.  Again, I didn’t quite know what he meant.   Normally, I understand everything…I just can’t get the words out.  I never had this issue before of not understanding the question. I will have to see if this continues.