I did it!

I can’t explain it, but I was nervous before the speech I gave last Thursday.  I guess it was because I didn’t deliver THIS speed as many times as I delivered my other speech.  For My Brain Has A Hole In It speech, I delivered it to myself for 8 months BEFORE anyone heard it.  When I started giving it, I would practice on the days I didn’t give my speech.  This means, in 2 years, I gave the speech about 500 times ( and I still have to read it).

For the Putting Failure In Its Place speech, I kind of slacked off…only giving/practicing for less than a year (about 100 times).  No wonder I didn’t feel “prepared”.

But I gave my speech and the audience loved it.  I spoke to my client, and she said she really needed to hear my talk. She said I told them that “it took commitment and follow though every day to make it happen.  If you make this plan, you HAVE to do it.  No exceptions.”  I couldn’t say it better!