Did you ever feel like quitting?


I go through phases when I don’t know what I going to do.  Did you ever go through that? It is awful!  I used to think: what should I do?   But now I realize I have income…and that I am ok! I never had that opportunity before to wait for my success!  It is a bit disturbing!

The problem: I don’t want to rely on that income; I guess my pride gets in the way.  I don’t mind charging others for information that I ONLY have.  I am proud to give my talk and watch people grow. My problem is it takes longer than I planned on it taking.  There…I said it: I don’t like waiting!

Should I keep on the activity the takes me closer to my goal?  I am at the 3 year mark and still not at my goal…but I am getting closer!  People have said it takes a long time, but I just didn’t believe them!

Thanks for listening.   Back to work!