…another STANDING ovation!

Persistence pays off? I finally got to speak at the International DI Society …after trying for 6 years!

If you remember from my blog post a few weeks ago, I was planning to use my new remote. Then, when I called my AV contact, I was told I couldn’t use my laptop computer and I would have to do it in Powerpoint instead. Given that , I practiced my Powerpoint presentation for the rest of the week, with the remote I always used.

When I arrived, they had the NEW remote. Since I was kind of nervous on this one, I didn’t put the remote in my pocket, I just held it in my hand.   I know, it is a minor thing, but I didn’t do it.

So how did I do?  They all got up and gave me a standing ovation…and I got 32 PINK   cards back; this was an amazing return!