Nice words….


This is what Scott Lilley, of Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters said about us:

We invited Gordon and his wife Jill to speak at our Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters annual symposium. Gordon and Jill were engaging and their presentation was incredibly moving. Their story provided such a powerful message to all in attendance as to the importance of why we do what we do within the healthcare industry. Our attendees left the symposium both inspired and reminded about the value that they bring to their customers. It was an honor to have Gordon and Jill there with us to share their story.

Scott Lilley, ChHC® | Underwriting Manager
Delta Dental of Colorado
720-489-4724 Direct

Nurses and docs love our presentation…

We spoke in a hospital a couple of week ago and they sent us the evaluations.  WOW!

Excellent job-thanks for opening your life to inspiring and inspire us.

I’m not a physician but a very inspirational presentation for me personally

Wonderful! THANK YOU!!

The best!!  Thank you for being here.  Fore being vulnerable and sharing your faith.  I agree 100% with Jill–give credit where credit is due!

So impressive that you worker diligently to meet your goals!  Thank you so much for coming-You are so “to be complimented!”



Excellent presentation!  Thank you

Jill’s discussion was very informational.

God bless you and your family.



The #1 question is….

“Is it SCARY getting up in front of people???”

When I tell people Gordon and I are inspirational speakers, that is the very first question people ask.  It isn’t.  In fact, it is actually a lot of fun.

Perhaps it isn’t scary because we talk about a subject we know so well… us!   My speaking career began answering questions at the end of Gordon’s speech.  That was fun, meaningful, interactive, AND I didn’t have to prepare anything!

After every speech we have given, Gordon and I talk about what a great experience it was and how nice the people were.  Hearing our story of hope, faith, marriage, and family seems to bring out the best in people.  Perhaps getting up in front of people isn’t scary because the audience embraces our story and therefore embraces us.  We all share a moment of vulnerability and for that moment, we all feel like family.  And that isn’t scary at all.

Jill Viggiano