Can you explain what HE does??

Frustrating!!!!  I ran into Kevin the other day.  We first met when he and I started going to National Speaker Association meetings.  We both completed the number of paid engagements we needed to join and we went out for coffee to talk about our experience in the process.  I felt I had a complete understanding of what he did.

A few years ago, he put on a presentation of what he was doing to get ahead.  It was so compelling, I began the same process.  Kevin has earned a CSP…only a few have this certification.  Kevin is among the top speakers in the industry.

So why am I telling you this?

My wife saw me say hello to Kevin and later, asked me how I knew Kevin.  I quickly answered “he is in the NSA with me.” But when my wife asked me what he did, I could’t answer.  I knew exactly what he did… and I could picture what he did…I just couldn’t articulate it.

I guess the same thing goes on in my mind when I try to say what I do.   I know it… but I can’t explain it.

Frustrating is the word that comes to mind..but I can’t do anything to change that. So to me, everything is fantastic.  Just don’t ask me open ended questions..and I will be fine.

From this, to this….

nsa         TOperform


I went on my first National Speakers Association meeting, and came back a different person…in more ways then you think!

Let me back up.  I was told that my first meeting would be my most memorable and they were right.  First, they teamed me up with a “buddy” who took me under his wing. We met in the morning and then in the evening every one of the three days.  My first meeting was alright, but I didn’t know what to ask. But then I met him after the session and had a ton of questions.  And guess what?  He answered each one.  Then he told me that ALL members were here to help.  If I had a question, I should just ask.

And I did.  I met with a former NBA player, a former radio announcer, former football player…just to name a few.  And they all gave me answers to my questions.  I don’t know about you, but my experience is that people are guarded at these shows.  But not these people. They were a wonderful group and I proud to be associated with them.

OK, back to the topic. While I went to the meeting as an National Speakers Association member, I came back as a member of PLATFORM.   Inform.   Influence.  Inspire.

At this point, I think it is fine.  People lit-up the NSA (not National Security Administration which was a reason for the change) Facebook site with concerns.  But I won’t let those concerns bother me.  I now have a ton of ideas to work on in building my business.  I figure the other people can worry about the name change.