Do you ever want to quit?


What if I asked you: how you feel about doing the same exercises, EVERYDAY, for the past 8 years. Or what about: how do you feel about the constant rejection?  What would you say?   I am hoping it would be I QUIT!!!

Especially, now, I really feel like giving up.  I do have ONE motivating factor:  my wife Jill.

She has given me so much in the past 8 years, I can’t quit.  I HAVE to get back to the old me.  This is really the only thing driving me at this point.

I am glad I have her; She is my rock!   You know, I feel better now!

Students liked it!

I don’t know WHY I like Homer so much…but he just says “I did it!  Here are some excellent feedback relating to my presentation!  Comments:

“I think this session is great at helping us reflect on the impact of our care has on our patients to encourage us to consider how to improve that care/impact”.


“What a great message and story.  Thank you.  This was fantastic”.

“Great perspective.  He can do it, we all can!”

“Very motivating and encouraging that our job is necessary.  Reminder to address the family in the room and give encouragement.”

“It absolutely made me consider how I approach families / loved ones that care for the patient.”

“Thus helped increase my awareness of what our patients are experiencing.”

“Thank you.  Great perspective.  Well Done”