Another Testimonial!!!

We spoke at Guardian a few weeks ago and was blessed my this great testimonial:


After seeing Gordon and Jill speak at a meeting February I knew they would be a perfect fit for our Top DI producer meeting in August. These guys are top in their field and sell disability insurance every day – but hearing and feeling an authentic story like Gordon and Jill’s gave them new motivation and stories to share. The passion of both Jill and Gordon around the important role the insurance, specifically disability insurance played in their lives was moving. Their story is unique in it positions the agent in a pivotal role – in the eyes of a client.

I would encourage producers and client groups alike to invite Gordon and Jill to their event to share their story. You’ll walk away moved and inspired.

Thank you, Gordon and Jill, for sharing your energy and time with us in Dana Point. Looking forward to seeing you both again someday soon.

Stacy McCann
Head of Internal Sales, Agency Distribution

Why is talking so hard?

Sometimes I forget what it was like when Gordon could speak freely.  At home, we have mostly normal conversations–he says a sentence, I say a sentence, and so on.  He needs a few prompts now and then but we mostly understand each other.  But when we go to a meeting or have a phone appointment, I watch his language disappear.  It is clear from the look on his face that he is trying SO HARD to get coherent, orderly words to come out of his mouth.  Instead, choppy, disorganized words start coming, then all words stop and he looks at me to express his thoughts for him.

For a long time, I thought if he could relax, the words would come.  Not so.  Regaining language and cognition is much more complicated than that.  Even now, 6 years post-stroke, we have at least one conversation every day where Gordon starts in the middle of a thought and I have to ask him to start over from the beginning of his thought.  It doesn’t occur to him that I don’t know what he is thinking.

Jill Viggiano