I am at it again!

OK, it is not as catchy as that one… but is IS close!

My speaking career is just going to the next level.  Rather than stop it, I am taking it up a notch:  New photos taken of Jill and I ( you can see so more in Meeting Professional on the site)


And my OLD logo…

was replaced by my NEW logo…

I designed my old logo in 5 minutes because I needed something for my website to go live.  I figured I would replaced it in a week. 7 years later, I replaced it!   I hired an artist and this is what he can up with. Do you like it?

Since I replaced the logo, I needed new business cards:


Soon to come are a few site revisions, but will a little slower.  I am learning WordPress, a little at a time.  I am learning WordPress because I want to keep my brain alert.  It is a GOOD thing, but I will have to take my time because learning is SO hard!

















A few weeks ago, I went to Portland Saving Strokes…at the golf course. Clever title, right?  Once again, I had my phone, and didn’t think of taking pictures.  Will I ever learn?  When I told the people I could draw people hitting the ball, they quickly rushed me this picture of ME trying to hit the ball.

They invited stroke victims and their care givers out for a morning of golf lessons followed up with lunch.  I really had a nice time and I plan to do it again next year.

You had to be there.  We all look normal, but it ends there.  There were  people who couldn’t stand, those who couldn’t see, couldn’t talk (that’s me) and those who couldn’t swing a club (and that was me too.) But we all tried…and it was fabulous.  When we went to the chipping green, I has to sit down…and they had a chair!  It is the little things that make an event fun… having a chair was one of them.

Fortunately, my wife wasn’t there to experience the event. But I did draw her this picture:

Someone you know had a stroke. Now what?


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.41.32 PM

What if you just had a stroke.  What then?  Go to this site to find SOME of the answers.  You think one or two sites may help…. they don’t.  As a caregiver, you need to learn EVERYTHING you can about a stroke.

It’s not easy, but it is worth doing!

For more info, click on Stroke.org to take you to this page.

Jill’s remarkable story is featured in this book!


Everyone has a story to tell.  Gordon and I are included in this book of stories by seven local area people, all facing challenges, all looking for hope, and all learning to rise from their circumstances to find meaning.  It is an honor to be included with these people and humbling to read their stories.

Would you like to read it?  Our story is #5: Letting Go.  We have 5 copies to give away.  Simply click here and fill in your address.  Upon receipt, we send out the first 5 books.  Better hurry!

Has someone suddenly gone to the hospital? Then you should read this!

I was told that Josie King Foundation had as link you can use in case you are or a family member is in the hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.32.43 PM

Being a patient or having a loved one in the hospital can be stressful and confusing. You are in a new environment with lots of information being given to you. There is so much to think about and to process- the names of the doctors and nurses, new medications, scheduled procedures, questions to ask, and so much more. It can be a bit daunting.

The Josie King Foundation has created a Patient Journal app. Patients and families can use this app to easily record vital medical information, stay organized, keep a permanent medical record, and share the notes with doctors or anybody else via email.

The Patient Journal app is now available for free download on the Apple iTunes App Store link:

Using the Patient Journal app is easy. The app opens a list of prompts about information that should be tracked during a hospital stay.

To enter notes, click on a category to learn more about it and type away.

You can review the information you have entered, and can even scroll through the daily entries to get an overall view of a patient’s changing condition.

At any point, you can email the journal to a doctor, a loved one, or yourself to keep as a permanent record of the hospital stay.

The Patient Journal app can be reused for subsequent hospital stays.

If you have any questions or comments about the app, we would love to hear them. You can email app@josieking.org, and we will get back to you quickly.  Go to the Josie King Foundation for more information.