One last speech coming up for the year…

I have one more speech to do this year…and this will be my biggest to date.

The audience is the International DI  Society in San Diego. Not only does my wife gets to see her mother, the event is at the San Diego Marrioitt Mission Valley where we stayed before.

I am nervous because I am testing a new slide advance system. After a month of practice, I used the system for the first time last week…and it was a bit rough.

With this system, I hold the unit (on the right) in my pocket and advance the slide that way.  You would think it was easy, but it isn’t!  I always have to read my speech, but this time, I  got lost…twice!!  Since I was so focused on the slide advancer, I forget where I was.   I don’t know if people caught it; maybe they though it was part of my speech.

After reading the speech over 1000 times, I still have issues delivering it correctly.  I figure when I am great at delivering the speech, I will retire!