Happy New Year!

We were driving down the road, listening to the radio when an old Boston song came on. I don’t know the singer’s name but I know he killed himself a few years ago. It caused us to ponder the paradoxes of life. By all appearances, the singer had everything and yet…

Here we are, not with a lot but we have all we need. More importantly, we have the knowledge and assurance that this life is short and temporary. But our eternity is assured. Heaven that awaits us is the prize worth waiting for. Did the singer know that? Did he have that hope and assurance?

It is hard to see a person with all the fame, fortune, success, and talent that others dream of, yet be overwhelmed with darkness and emptiness. It is a tragedy. Let’s not let darkness get a foothold. Let’s do what we can to spread light and fill it with joy and the peace that passes understanding. Let’s make it a great New Year.

Don’t I sound really smart writing this?  My wife wrote it!