Look at me…I am SOMEBODY!

Check out what NAHU has done from my career.  I know that it is up to ME to get exposure, but still….

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Gordon Viggiano 
My Brain LLC
Wilsonville, OR
Work Phone: (503) 454-0887
Fax: (503) 855-5908
Web Site: http://www.mybrainllc.com
E-mail: gordon@mybrainllc.com
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We were a typical family: we lived trying to do things right — working hard, providing for the family, following Christian values. On Gordon’s 51st birthday, out of nowhere, a terrible thing happened: he suffered a massive stroke! One might say we were dealt a dirty card, but we see it differently. The experience has been a true test of faith and perseverance.

Our journey of recovery is still in progress. Gordon is now 11 years post-stroke and we are happy to report that he is getting better all the time.  We will discuss this life changing experience and the lessons that have come along with it. Our hope is to inspire people and help them see that good things can happen, even when one doesn’t think it is possible. Gordon is certainly not fully recovered from his stroke so this isn’t an “I did it and you can too” speech. I am in the middle of my recovery and so my perspective is from “the trenches.” I am now the disability guru; a true stroke to success story!

Visit the My Brain LLC website for more information.

Most Requested Topics

  • Motivational
  • Disability

Speaker Reference:

Farren Baer 
Sr Vice President of Education & Professional Development
1212 New York Ave., NW  Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005
Work Phone: 844-257-099
E-mail:  fbaer@nahu.org


Another testimonial letter…on my Birthday!




Gordon and Jill spoke in front of 140 advisors and guests at our annual agency event. Hearing Gordon and Jill share their remarkable journey was a highlight of our conference and an eye-opening story for several members of the financial services community here. They eloquently illustrated the triumphs and the challenges in the face of overwhelming adversity and the importance of forethought when it comes to planning for your family’s welfare during and after life’s unexpected events.

Our advisors meet with clients and prospects everyday, making compelling presentations for the need to own disability insurance. For our advisors to hear first hand the incredible impact disability insurance had in the lives of Gordon, Jill, and their family gives new depth to these conversations and a renewed purpose.

The feedback we continue to receive from our advisors has been amazing. I highly encourage anyone to hear and learn from their story.

Thank you, Gordon!


Kelly Kidwell | Pacific Advisors
President and Chief Executive Officer


My Original Speech…was fantastic…

Or so I thought!

This was the SPEECH.  Wait…what’s wrong?   Didn’t you see the pearls of wisdom buried in there?

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.54.13 PMMy original speech was awful!

I gave this speech to Jill, hoping she could do more with it.  She took a look at it, but didn’t get back to me.  Fortunately, when I leave my office, I see her, so avoiding me is NOT an option.

She explained “If you want me to turn this into a document you can read, it will take 6 months to do it.”  I realized she must be exaggerating, so I said “Sure.”  Well, 6 months later, I had my speech, ready to go!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t read it.  It took me another 6 months to get to where I could deliver it with inflection.  Luckily,  now, 3 years laters, I am MUCH better…I think!

When I look back on the recording I did when I first delivered my talk, I am amazed how bad I was!  I handed out survey forms looking for what people liked about my presentation.  I was shocked to see that the 80 people at my original presentation LOVED my talk and saw a need to tell others about my journey. I met with each of them and they gave me a lot of input.  That’s how it all started.

Now if you ask Jill, she will give you a more detailed explanation.  Again, compare my speech to the one that that Jill wrote!