Chocolate Chip Cookies

Graphic of new neighborhood  Put on the email doc

How about some chocolate chip cookies?   Have in Pixie Dust   Put in the headline

Why don’t the current homeowners Gordon Viggiano welcome new homeowners when they move into their neighborhood???  PAUSE The new homeowners have to be a little stressed …so we should enjoy making them feel welcomed with chocolate chip cookies.  PAUSE

We Moved Into A New Neighborhood

When we moved into this neighborhood,  2 neighbors came to greet us and welcome us.  PAUSE Don’t get me wrong: I am delighted that those 2 put in the effort.  PAUSE  

And those people still say HI to us after all our 4 years in this development.  But I still feel like more neighbors should have done something, maybe by offering some chocolate chip cookies.. PAUSE  PAUSE

A few people just moved in and I was very excitedPAUSE  But when I walked past  them, …they would retreat into their garage!  And this happened MANY times. PAUSE  I wondered…Why????  PAUSE

Back In The Day

When this happened in the way distant past,  I  would walk over to them and introduce myself. PAUSE

I would say: Where are you from? PAUSE  

Different Angle Do you have kids? 

 How old are they? 

Where do you work?  

Where did you meet?  

How long did you date before you got married?  

How did you know that this WAS the one for you?    Etc…  PAUSE 

Back When I Was Young

Fast forward to a couple years ago…. I would go over to meet the new neighbors, and then I would freeze when they asked Me questions.  PAUSE

Different Angle I don’t know if you noticed, but I am a bit awkward since my stroke 12 years ago. Different Angle

So me going on my own wasn’t going to work.  I could ask Jill to join me, but we needed to bring ….something. 

I thought: why can’t we make chocolate chip cookies for them?  I asked my wife Jill PAUSE and she loved the idea!  PAUSE

Jill Was Up For The Idea

PAUSE  Of course, I didn’t want her to do all the work, …so here is what we agreed upon:

Gordon Type On computer screen

– Buy the chocolate chip cookie dough 

– Start the oven

– Layout the chocolate chip cookies on the pan

– Cook the chocolate chip cookies

New Screen  

But I needed some help.  So Jill would: 


– Put the chocolate chip cookies in a bag

– Label the chocolate chip cookies: from the Viggiano’s

– Help me deliver the chocolate chip cookies

When we got ready to deliver the chocolate chip cookies for the first time last week, she wanted to make sure we wouldn’t take the whole afternoon some graphic showing me babble asking questions. .  PAUSE  I assured her that we would not.  PAUSE

Chocolate Chip Cookies

PAUSE  Here is a little something we put together so could know our new neighbors. Our Neighborhood It’s kind of crude PAUSE  but it does work.  PAUSE You think a redesign would be something that PAUSE  Jill should do?  PAUSE  Snicker

Love Language

Video Blog 3 v7

Love language  (Have it in pixie dust)

I remember when my friend Bill Flash name on Screen visited me in the hospital…those first few days after my stroke …in March 2008. 

I motioned for Bill to hand me a pencil and paper. Pause Then I scribbled out a note. Pause

I then looked at what I wrote and it became clear to me…. Pause  I understood the challenges that I would be facing… going foward. Pause

I told him to deliver the note to my wife.   He looked at it and Pause  became tearing eyed. Show teary eyed clip

Teary Eyed

I still have the note and I can see why he became teary eyed. It  Show note    said  tell my wife Jill Pause that I still “ love her. “ Pause   Different Angle Now I’m becoming teary eyed!  Different Angle  Pause

Even when I didn’t know anything, I still knew that one thing: I loved my wife!  Show hearts

Are you in a relationship now? Pause  Are you going thru life,…married…and just taking that relationship for granted?  Pause  Different Angle Don’t do that! Different Angle

Listen To This!

Stop what you are doing …and start expressing gratitude… Pause today.

Pause First, Tell her how well she treats other people;  Different Angle

Pause Second, Tell her you like her sense of humor; Different Angle

Pause Third, Tell her that you really respect her.   Different Angle

Pause Fourth, Tell her that she makes you laugh at the funny stuff  Different Angle

Pause  and finally Fifth, Tell her that you love just being around her. Different Angle

Pause Are you doing this nowPause

Gary Chapman ’s book….The 5 love languages,  explains how you need to talk in your partners love language.  Pause

It Works!

Jill told me about the book and suggested I take the Love Language test.  Pause  It turned LL Test out our love languages… LL Test are similar. …We do value what the other person is feeling.

The Love Language book has changed the way we look at relationships. Pause  Where do you start??? Pause

Take the Love Language  Quiz and read the Love Language book. Love language quiz This will lead you to speak in THEIR love language; honor where THEY are.

Pause I summary, THEIR life … Pause  and YOUR life Pause  will be out if this world! Pause Pause


You want to know something??  Pause Gifts Pause is one of the love languages…and is not one of the things that means that much to us; Pause show love language but gifts  was my mothers Love Language; Pause  

She was all about gifts. Gifts for Christmas, gifts for your birthday, little cards for no apparent reason, etc. Pause Pause I realized that, and started giving her gifts and cards… around holidays, especially mothers day!  She love that;  What a difference it made in her remaining years!  Smile

10 Years?

Holy cow; it has been 10 years since I had my stroke.

Thinking back, my future looked bright:

I was finally earning good money, starting to save for college, saving for retirement, putting savings into my HSA. Things were starting to click. Then BAM…the stroke hit me.  My goals…gone. My life…changed. My future…unknown. I really didn’t think of the effect the stroke would have.

In the beginning, I lost my ability to use my right side.  My wife was able to stay home with me and work on my recovery.  My thinking was that I would be working is 6 months.  How wrong I was!

With help from my wife, we worked through a few different options.

First, I wanted to get back into my business of consulting telemarketing reps.  This was tough for me because I couldn’t talk.  We both realized this in a few months.  I still can’t believe Jill stayed with me though the terrible six months when I was feeling that I could talk; I couldn’t get out more than a sentence.  Not good for a sales consultant!

Then I decided to work with Scott Olsen. Scott was a trainer and we both had similar clients.  I would help him build his pipeline and offering the telesales training as a supplement to his training.  We got off to a great start.  Soon, I realized, that they were actually buying Jill…not me.  I still couldn’t talk!

In the meantime, Jill prepared a speech for me that I wanted to deliver to my friends who got me thought these tough years.  After 6 months of writing (for Jill) …and another 8 months of daily practice (for me), I was able to deliver my speech…1 time…to my audience.

You know how that turned out; you can look at my video clops over the past few years to look at the progress I have made:

Not being able to talk was my biggest challenge.  Even now, after feeling confident that I had a great conversation,  I cringe with how terrible I sound when I play back the recording.  How could I sound so great…in my head…and turn into sounding so bad.

It is what it is. Thank god for my disability income. I don’t know where I be without the little steam of money coming in each month.

There is ONE thing that DOES bother me:  the loss of my car and the ability to drive:

Image result for 2005 bmw 323i

That BMW was a fantastic car.

It is official; I did GREAT!

  National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

I invited Gordon and Jill Viggiano to speak to our group of about 100 financial advisors and insurance agents at our monthly luncheon meeting here in Omaha, Nebraska.

What an impactful story we heard!  We saw and heard, firsthand, how disability can strike anyone, at any time.  In Gordon’s case, this was a massive stroke that nearly killed him on his 51st birthday.  If it wasn’t for his humble income replacement coverage, the Viggiano’s would have been financially ruined.

Gordon and Jill have experienced unbelievable hardship and trials since Gordon’s stroke, but their perseverance, faith and love for one another helped them conquer these great storms.  After hearing from Gordon and Jill, everyone came away inspired and truly blessed.

Our NAIFA members were both inspired and will have a renewed passion to share the need for income replacement insurance (aka disability insurance) when doing holistic financial planning for their clients.

We had the privilege of having dinner with the Viggiano’s the night prior to our luncheon. After speaking with Gordon at dinner and hearing him at the program, it became very apparent just how much painstaking hard work went into his speech. It’s truly remarkable how far he’s come.

Gordon’s wife Jill is a true hero.  Her perspective is especially helpful because many times we are the ones helping someone else through a life changing event.  Her unyielding faith in you and God is truly inspiring, and your story needs to be told to as many people as possible!

Jill wrote a book “Painful Blessings”, discussing the struggles and the victories that she and Gordon went through, it is outstanding!  Advisors can use this book as they discuss the need for disability insurance, simply by giving it to their client to read as they ponder their decision.  Each person who attended the lunch meeting received a copy of the book.

The presentation is surprising, gripping, educational, motivational and inspirational. I recommend Gordon and Jill for any group that could use a little of any of the above!

Gordon and Jill, thank you and may God bless you always!

Richard A Mangiameli, LUTCF, FSS
President Elect of NAIFA Omaha
RAM Insurance and Financial Services

Jill is helping out; OHSU takes a different approach to designing new South Waterfront building…

A warehouse along Macadam Avenue in Portland houses a maze of cardboard, almost like an adult version of children’s forts.

The cardboard has aided Oregon Health & Science University in designing the rooms inside its planned $340 million patient building, parking structure and guest house that will break ground early next year.

In an unusual move, OHSU and ZGF Architects are engaging all the various groups who will use the building in the planning process. Doctors, nurses, patients, engineers and housekeepers all have given input over the past five months.

“It’s given everyone a new perspective on how we can craft everything,” said Dr. Reid Mueller, associate professor in the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. “Everything from the way the hallway flows to the positioning of the chair when you’re sitting with your family member and the importance of privacy in the recovery area.”

One patient who has participated is Jill Viggiano, whose husband had a stroke seven years ago.

“I have no medical background at all, it’s like stepping into Oz,” Viggiano said. She suggested the waiting room in the new building contain more distractions for family members, including kids — “something to play with and look at and be a kid and not feel like they’re annoying everyone else.”

The Center for Health and Healing South, as the new building will be called, will sit just south of the existing Center for Health and Healing, which contains doctors’ offices and outpatient space. It will also be a little shorter, at 15 as opposed to 16 floors.

The entire project will encompass 750,000 square feet. It will include 48 “extended stay” rooms and 76 guest rooms above the adjacent five-story garage. A small park will remain next to the patient building.

CHH-South will also contain space for surgery, interventional procedures, outpatient clinics for cancer, cardiovascular disease and gastroenterology, a pharmacy and imaging and lab space, conference center, parking garage and space for Knight Cancer Institute clinical trials.

An oval-shaped “mission control design” will allow gastroenterology, cardiology and pulmonary procedures to share a central core and some nursing staff.

“One of the great things about the space is that we’re integrating with other specialties,” said Dr. Gene Bakis, assistant professor of medicine, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. “Patients are best served by multiple specialties. Here we’re going to be feet away from each other to promote cooperation and collaborative thinking.”