Heart and Stroke Walk 2018

Remember the interview last week? This past weekend, we volunteered at the Heart and Stroke Walk in Portland. As the 7000+  people were walking the Stroke Walk, I got this picture taken of me.  Kind of nice, isn’t it?

I had my camera/phone with me but it didn’t occur to me to take some pictures!  I just got off the phone with the American Heart and Stroke Association…and they told me they were waiting for the photographers to upload their pictures.  Who new it would be so challenging to post a bunch of pictures!  Maybe I could draw some for you?  That wouldn’t be pretty…considering I would be drawing with my LEFT hand.  Let me attempt it:

I could add a few more pictures.  I think I did a good job drawing me.  If you look at the above picture, you will see they are almost identical, but I know the other images need a bit more work.  When the photographers pictures are posted, I will give you an update.

That’s my girl!

My daughter, Rachel, took her first step as an adult. She got her first interview!

Rachel got an interview with a company that really excites her …and she got the interview all by herself. I am so proud of her!  First step: she had a IQ test today and she just called to tell us how it went. They took her though a bunch of logic questions. Hopefully, she gave the correct answer.

Personally, I would like her to go with a company that fits her style; that is why they test.  She took some mock interviews with her uncle, a retired SVP of OppenheimerFunds. He told her she was excellent. His remarks really gave her the confidence she needed.

It’s a first step, and she did it on her own!  BTW: she is not reading the blog, so I can speak the truth. What this means: she can get other interviews if she TRIES…and that is positive. Unlike when I was in school, an interview DOES NOT equal a job.  Upon graduation, I had 3 job offers. Those days are over. Now, it takes around 10 interviews to get ONE job!

With us as her cheerleaders, I think she will do fine.