One more speech before the year ends…

The year was closing out…but I had one more opportunity to present my speech to MY insurance company.

But let me back up to when I met JR, my rep.  I met JR about 6 years ago.

He called me on the phone…4 years later…a cool-warm call at best.  He said he wanted to meet with me to discuss our Auto Insurance.  I had this company since 2001 and I didn’t like the service I was getting, so I agreed to meet.

He showed me what he had and he made a convincing case to switch…so I did. Since switching, I had to call JR one time for my daughters car. As soon as I called him, he picked up on the third ring and answered my question!  This was the service that I had been waiting for!!!  JR, you are the man.

Anyway, I made a luke warm call to HIM, and said I was looking to speak at one of their COMPANY events and do you think you can help. (OK, I think BIG.)  A few weeks passed and I got a call from Christi and she wanted me to speak at her upcoming sales meeting.   And Christi told me she lived on the same BLOCK as me (about 12 houses down)! I gladly accepted, but now I had to practice my speech again.

I thought “how hard came that be? I gave this speech over 500 times.” Well, it was hard.  The first time thru the speech, I was terrible!!!  Luckily, I had a few weeks to practice and I THINK I did ok.

I have to ask my wife Jill….to give me the truth…no holding back.  In the past, these were tough to hear, but I think this time, I gotten better.  I will ask her one the post is done…so she can’t change it!

I can’t believe I was SO SUCCESSFUL last week!

I can’t believe I was SO SUCCESSFUL last week!  When I asked people to fill out the “Pink Sheet” …

58 responded…almost HALF of my audience…and this didn’t include the people that heard me talk before!

I really don’t believe it.  Jill and I are blessed with this strong following of insurance agents who love to hear our story.  So, this leads me to another year in the speaking circuit.

Don’t get me wrong;  you, most likely,  WILL NOT hear me talk.  My wife limits the amount of speeches I deliver each year because we are helping raise our granddaughter, Stella.

Our beautiful daughter… had this beautiful girl … and we feel blessed to have both of them living in our home.  Do you see  what I mean?

I hope to see you next year as I speak to MORE insurance agents!