Can I eat with my RIGHT hand?

You may think: Sure…it has been 9 years. You just assumed  that I was eating with my right hand.

The first picture seem like I have it nailed.  Now look at the SECOND picture:

YIKES!  My hand eventually becomes CLENCHED on my food and I have to use the OTHER hand to release.  But now, I am working on it EVERYDAY.  I am going to NJ to see my brother and I want to amaze him with my new “trick.”   What do you think?

If that fails, I will just amaze him with my driving! No wait, that is NOT a good idea.  How about answering open ended questions?  I can’t do that either.

It was fantastic!



OK…I loved Las Vegas…but the first night wasn’t good.

I work up at 5:00am to get to the airport and couldn’t sleep on the plane.  I arrived at 11:00am and had lunch. The opening meeting was entertaining and got us geared up for the following day.  I couldn’t go to the opening reception that night because my mind wasn’t working at all. I got a quick dinner and went to bed. Boy, did I sleep.

At these shows, if I can get just one idea, the show paid for itself.  And that dream was fuffilled!

The following morning was great. I scheduled to see Lois Creamer: “How to Make and Keep Your Millions.”  I guess the title caught me.  In this 45 minute session, I felt like Lois spoke directly to me.  She made sense…and she gave me some ideas I can do right away.  The big one: have a reason why you are calling that person, and then have questions that you ask to determine if the are qualified.   It sounds so simple…so why wasn’t I doing it? I was just leaving my standard VM and nobody was returning my calls.  I started to work on it and will have something to use by Tuesday.  Thank you for that wonderful tip, Lois.

This one idea was with the trip!