Want to buy a house?

I can’t believe it…we are selling our house!

We purchased this home when we moved to Oregon 15 years ago.  We move from a starter home in Northern California to this house that was 2x as big and the same price! We came up, looked at 12 choices and picked the one we liked most!  That was it.  I think our Real Estate agent was shocked!

We got back to Northern California and put our house on the market a week later.  It was sold in a day!

We loved EVERY DAY in Oregon:

  • Taking our kids to school
  • The auctions
  • Playing in the pool
  • My wife cooking us dinner almost EVERY night
  • Our weekly trip to Costco
  • Noahs/Einsteins
  • Vacations with our kids
  • and A LOT more…

Our time here is blessed and we are sorry to leave it.  But is our decision. We have a BIG yard that has a bunch of trees.  Since my stroke, I just have to watch Jill do the work.  It is funny: it doesn’t bother me!

Now that my speaking business is picking up, Jill doesn’t have time for the yard work.

So good bye Lake Oswego!  Actually, we will most likely live in LO, we will just scale back and not have ALL that work.  I will let you know where we end up.