Time to get my haircut!

I got my haircut last Friday.

When I moved to Oregon, I went to a discount barber and I would take who ever was a available. They were usually female workers, being paid minimum wage. They were ok…but never really friendly and I went to a new person every time. Each time, I couldn’t wait for them to be done.  This was a discount barber I could’t want to leave.

When I heard that Sport Clips was opening up, I was thrilled.  I looked at their website and I was exited with what they were offereing. I would still go to whoever was available, but I didn’t care.  They were all nice people and they offered me full service for a responsible price. I was in heaven!

Then last year, I meet Lynn.  She was amazing! Lynn was my a little younger than me and I liked that.  Don’t get me wrong; young girls are nice; but Lynn was there because she liked cutting hair.  And she is pleasant to talk to.

SportClips does a lot for the community, which is also great.

I must say, I do look pretty good!

Am I in focus?

cameraWhen we arrived at the studio, we were  greater by AJ.  I figured she would spend 15 minutes with me and then she would follow up with a few shots of Jill.  I couldn’t be further from the truth!

She said Jill should have her hair and make up done.  Since the makeup artist was there, we agreed. When she was done, Jill look amazing.  I can see why she recommended that.

Then, she asked me some questions and said she would take a few shot for the lightening. She went on for about 50 shots!  She said “now I am ready.”  She had me pose in the most awkward way, but told me the results looked fantastic.  After an hour of shooting me, she showed me the results.  It was fabulous!  I could’t believe how great I looked.

Then it was Jill’s turn.  Another 45 minutes getting both our photographs done. And then another 15 minutes shooting Jill alone.  When it was over, I was THRILLED to have to came back on Friday to see which ones we liked.  Jill and I were tired and we HAD to go.  In the next blog, I will show you the photo we selected.  I hope you like it!