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                   2016                                                                2017                                                                                                                                                                                                In 2016, the gift from my son was this travel game of bocce. We had just done our backyard last year, so this gift was meaningful because we put in a bocce court.  It made me laugh because I could now play bocce whenever I went!

In 2017, he gave me a 1.75 bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  My thought process: I am becoming more important with him.

When I was in college, my dad just became plain stupid. I couldn’t imagine listening to anything he said to me…and I let him know it.  I’m not proud of that, just honest.  After I graduated and I was working, it amazed me how smart my father became.  He started to make a bunch of sense!

My son Tom, is in ROTC and will be joining the army when he graduates; this makes me extremely proud of him. I THINK I am becoming LESS stupid an maybe starting to make some sense. That is what the 1.75 bottle of Baileys Irish Cream meant to me!

We will see. Next year, possibly a shirt?

I received this touching note. Are you turning 60? Read This!

I just amazing received this beautiful note.  Maybe I am thinking the right things?


I just read your post.  Sounds like you are asking the same questions many, many people ask when they turn 60.  There are no magic answers.


Have you ever thought that one gift your stroke gave you is time? Time to do your blog, time to be a grandfather, time to be a caring father,  time to volunteer, time to have quality time with your wife, time to exercise,  time to do presentations, time to pray, time to help Jill around the house, time to have fun, travel, etc.


Perhaps you need to think of yourself as retired……not unemployed.  Is this the life you planned and worked so hard for all those years.  No, but does real happiness come from our jobs or from  our personal relationships.  Only you can find your answer to that question.


Perhaps God has some plans for that time………another door to open…….other paths to follow.   If you ask, he will help you open the door.


The journey is the secret……..not the destination.

From someone still asking the same questions……..

Did I mention that Rachel was pregnant?


Jill and I just spent the weekend in Meridian Park Maternity room…and got to watch this beautiful baby girl come into this world:  Stella Kathryn Viggiano born 10/29 at 6 lbs and 14 oz. Isn’t she wonderful?

Now Jill and I will have Rachel living with us…for a year or so…until she is ready to go it alone.  The good news: no rush for us.  We just completed a 2 month renovation of the downstairs of the house on Friday…the same day the Rachel went into the hospital. It was touch and go …would the baby come first….or would the house be completed. We made it as the final carpet went down on Friday.  (I was going to show you the Before/After, but it will wait till next blog.)

I never imagined what being a grandfather was all about.  I went into the hospital as the same guy I was before.  But now, it is different; I can’t explain it.  All I have to do is look at this gift and tears come into my eyes.

You know that I don’t feel old; I just feel proud that my daughter gave birth to this precious little girl.  I really admire Rachel!


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