Another reference!

In September 2017, I invited Gordon and Jill Vigianno to speak to 70 of my financial advisors at our regional meeting in Nebraska.  What an impactful story we heard!  We saw and heard, firsthand, how a disability can strike at any time.  In Gordon’s case, this was a massive stroke that nearly killed him on his 51st birthday.  If it wasn’t for his disability coverage, the Viggiano’s would have been financially ruined.

Gordon and Jill have experienced great hardship and many trials since Gordon’s stroke, but their perseverance, faith and love for one another helped them conquer these great storms.  After hearing from Gordon and Jill, people will come away inspired and truly blessed.  Financial advisors will have a renewed passion and desire to share the need for disability insurance (aka income replacement insurance) when doing holistic planning for their clients.

The book they distributed following their presentation, Painful Blessings, written by Jill is outstanding.  I started reading and couldn’t put it down.  I finished it in one night!

Ken Kolosso, ChFC® , CLU® , MBA
Managing Partner
Nebraska Region
Thrivent Financial®

How did I do???



“When are you speaking again?”  

“That’s what I needed to hear.”


↑ ….OK…not quite THAT good, but this was more what I had in mind.  I worked on the speech and made sure I was changing it up a bit.  I slowed down…speeded up….paused, etc.  I did all the things I was supposed to do.

I didn’t offer feedback form (they offered there own)….but the verbal feedback I got was wonderful.  I will share the feedback once it comes back.

I don’t understand why I was feeling so “off” last week. But now I know the answer to:  “Will it be like this again?”  No…it won’t…unless I l LET it happen.

And you know what?  Good things may come from the talk.  God works in mysterious ways!