I love Peanut Butter Cups!

I love Peanut Butter cups.  I THINK the only people who know this are my family…and IMG_0468Steve!  So you can imaging my amazement when I got these in the mail    →    →     →     →       →

I know what you are thinking: I will just send him Peanut Butter cups when I have a favor to ask. Of course, that won’t work…or will it!  Peanut Butter cups are my FAVORITE dessert.  There…I said it.  Don’t tell Jill, but it is tied with chocolate cake.

The good news: I can purchase these PB cups anywhere.  The bad news: I can purchase these PB cups  anywhere. I must show constraint when we go to Target, and even greater strength when we go to Costco.  It is hard.  People congratulate me all the time for walking, talking, and my speech…but they really should congratulate me on holding back on my PB cup addiction.

So thank you Steve for making my day and sending these Peanut Butter cups.   And yes… I ate them immediately.


We just laughed and laughed…

I just met a guy who I hired at my old company in Hayward, California.  Of all the people who I had the privilege of hiring, David was my favorite.  We first saw each other AFTER I had my stroke; I don’t remember much about out conversation.  David reached out to me a few days ago and we set up a meeting at my favorite Starbucks.

Jill and I were really excited to meet him.  Prior to our brief meeting in 2008, we hadn’t seen each other for 17 years!  But getting back with David was like old times; I didn’t want it to end. I just laughed and laughed at all the funny things he said.

We spoke about the problems he has gone through, we laughed about the funny things that happened to us and we spoke about our children-the future leaders of the world.

We had spend 1.5 hours with him and we both were sorry to leave.  I feel blessed to spend time with someone so special.

Then…after all that…he gave me a lead to call. What a great person!