This was even BETTER!

IMG_14191-1Ok…it didn’t look like that, but it was fantastic.  Since I was a hero with my vegetarian dinner on Valentines Day, I got to select a dinner WITH meat, chicken or fish.  I once again, scanned my cookbooks and selected this one:Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.39.06 PM

It took me a long time, but I finally found it.  Jill made it for me before, so I knew it was good.  And boy, was it speculator!


Make this recipe and you wife/groom/husband/boyfriend/significant other will think you are amazing.   I know...I think my wife made the best dish ever!  You have to taste it. Jill HATES salmon, so she just had the gnocchi…and it was amazing.'s+seafood+restaurant+cookbook&sprefix=mccormick%2Cstripbooks%2C197&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Amccormick+%26+schmick's+seafood+restaurant+cookbookNow, I have to get on my treadmill and walk off some extra pounds. ( I will tell you about that next time.)

I can’t wait!


Tomorrow, I am heading out for Las Vegas for the National Speakers Association Winter Conference.  This is my first time at the winter conference, so I am not sure what to expect.  I just know that the people are kind, generous, and willing to help anyone who has a problem.  They are covering a lot of material so I am excited!

They are a fantastic bunch of people and I am excited to see them.  I tell you about the conference when I return.

Now… if we could just get Jill up and running!

OK….I’m lying!   Jill is FANTASTIC!   (Do I use fantastic to much???)  IMG_0417

She had another Rotary speech the last Wednesday.  I didn’t want to just gush about her fantastic (ok, I am using it to much) speech when I was having mine the next day. If you read the last Blog, you will know that speech was great.

So what about Jill?  Yea, she hit it out of the park…again.

Jill could do SO much…if she really wanted to.   I could to ALSO do so much…but I have to ask for Jills’ help!  See the problem?

You can imagine how this puts a damper on my work.  Why can’t she be more like ME?  She spends so much time doing things I need her to do for me that I forget they are my requests, not her desires.  Wouldn’t it be SO much easier if she were just like ME and she wanted exactly what I WANT???

Check out at these 4 reviews:

I was good, but Jill is BETTER.  She effortlessly delivers her talk with conviction and IMG_0337empathy.  Every time I withess here delivering her talk, I get shivers down my spine.  Don’t tell her I said this:  She’s fantastic!

AND Jill is getting rave reviews:  I pulled a couple for you to read:

“I love this book. An inspiring account of a family responding to tragedy with optimism, humor, faith and perseverance.  A rerminder of how connected we all are and how we can help others.”
John Stoops

“Read your book today. Inspiring! Took your book to my son’s baseball game and could not put it down for more than 5 minutes at a time. I could have easily missed the entire game to read this amazing story. I was glued to my seat reading your story in the sunshine and in the rain – found myself chuckling out loud, and even shed a few tears.”
David Sorensen

“Jill and Gordon share some of their great life learning’s and advice that I love. I also really appreciated the bible verse quotes as it really helped connect what Jill and Gordon were going through to how to look to and use God during these extremely challenging times.”  Cara Taylor

… “She tells an honest story that demonstrates not only her strength of character, and the depth of maturity in the children (reflecting the character of the parents) but also of her humility to accept what life has offered, but a resoluteness of will to recover and move forward.P. Griffith Lindell

Am I in focus?

cameraWhen we arrived at the studio, we were  greater by AJ.  I figured she would spend 15 minutes with me and then she would follow up with a few shots of Jill.  I couldn’t be further from the truth!

She said Jill should have her hair and make up done.  Since the makeup artist was there, we agreed. When she was done, Jill look amazing.  I can see why she recommended that.

Then, she asked me some questions and said she would take a few shot for the lightening. She went on for about 50 shots!  She said “now I am ready.”  She had me pose in the most awkward way, but told me the results looked fantastic.  After an hour of shooting me, she showed me the results.  It was fabulous!  I could’t believe how great I looked.

Then it was Jill’s turn.  Another 45 minutes getting both our photographs done. And then another 15 minutes shooting Jill alone.  When it was over, I was THRILLED to have to came back on Friday to see which ones we liked.  Jill and I were tired and we HAD to go.  In the next blog, I will show you the photo we selected.  I hope you like it!