I am proud….


I will tell you why I am proud…in a minute!

But first, I just did a speaking engagement for the Stroke Victims Survivors in Beaverton on Saturday. Jill and I were touched by the wonderful people we meet.  This is one of the few meetings where EVERYONE had experienced what I am experiencing.  There was not “you can imaging xxxx” or “imagine what you would do if xxxx happened”? They all got it…and they didn’t have to imagine.

I was proud and blessed to be in front of that special group.  As we are told, “every stroke is different” and that was true here.  Carrie thanked me, but I actually thank YOU. By seeing what each of you is dealing with,  MAKES ME want to tell others and share OUR experience.

And special birthday wish to Charlie Brown, who is celebrating his 80th birthday in September!  God bless you and all of the wonderful things in your life. Keep up your activity of meeting with stroke victims and letting them know that you are one of them.

And here is why I am proud:


Do you need a bit of encouragement?

I got this from a “follower”.  I liked it SO much, I published it so EVERYBODY can see.  Sometimes we ALL need encouragement!

Yup, I hear wanting to quit! Sometimes I don’t think quitting is a bad thing – it depends on a lot. I think what takes the most courage is taking a hard look at your reality and deciding — does this really make sense? It it best for me and my family? What’s the most important thing? Security or pride? Stability or reaching my dream? Quitting doesn’t mean always mean failure. It’s the honest and difficult re-evaluation and decision that matters. But either way — I am proud of you for going for it and think you are amazing. And if you keep going, awesome! If you try another route, awesome! You and Jill are both an inspiration.