I am starting to try my NEW approach!

If you remember from 2 months ago, I was beginning to start my NEW approach.  I was a bit wary on it, so I asked some of my friends what they thought and they gave me a few ideas.  So I took their ideas, “memorized” my lines and now I am ready to go. So far, it is encouraging…but only time will tell!  Here is my plan:


  • Get email and phone number
  • Send 1 0f 3 initial emails
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt ONLY
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation (carefully script)
  • After talk, if appropriate, present 3 options and say:
    • “Super. I am going to think this thru and then get back to you with 3 options.  Let’s schedule something now.  What looks good for you on xxxx?
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Attempt to close

What do you think? Anything missing?

I love Peanut Butter Cups!

I love Peanut Butter cups.  I THINK the only people who know this are my family…and IMG_0468Steve!  So you can imaging my amazement when I got these in the mail    →    →     →     →       →

I know what you are thinking: I will just send him Peanut Butter cups when I have a favor to ask. Of course, that won’t work…or will it!  Peanut Butter cups are my FAVORITE dessert.  There…I said it.  Don’t tell Jill, but it is tied with chocolate cake.

The good news: I can purchase these PB cups anywhere.  The bad news: I can purchase these PB cups  anywhere. I must show constraint when we go to Target, and even greater strength when we go to Costco.  It is hard.  People congratulate me all the time for walking, talking, and my speech…but they really should congratulate me on holding back on my PB cup addiction.

So thank you Steve for making my day and sending these Peanut Butter cups.   And yes… I ate them immediately.


Just email me!

“Just email me; I will look at it and make some suggestions.”  It sound easy; we do it all the time.  But what happens when we KNOW what we going to say, but it comes out mumbled?

That is EXACTLY what happened to a fellow member of Birrdsong I was talking with last week  A few months ago, he told me he was writing a speech and asked if I could help with the images.  I said sure.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened.  He told me what he was doing and I fumbled around what I wanted to say.  Eventually, I said wanted to say about the images.

I saw him again and I asked how the speech was going.  He told me it was almost done and he should soon need my help with the images. Then I froze.

I new what I wanted to say: “Just email me; I will look at it and make some suggestions,” but I just couldn’t say it.

I got in the car and mentally thought about what I WANTED to tell him.  After I got home, I sat down and wrote it out.  It took about half an hour. But now, when he calls, I pull up the script and will amaze him.

I realized it just takes some time to get all the words out in the order I want.


Since I have had my new action plan in place (for 3 days), I have gotten a few nibbles.  I started out sending the email out to the people I have had trouble reaching, and three of them have responded!

This really excites me!  Here’s the process I am following:

  • Get emails and phone numbers
  • Send 1st email
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt
  • When I reach prospect, schedule appointment ONLY; don’t talk about it
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation to understand their needs (Still working on it)
  • After talk, if appropriate, tell the prospect I want to present 3 options
  • Set appointment date
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Close

I better start working on the scripted presentation. This may be the turning point….