Randy Travis Found The True Miracle…

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Randy Travis Found The True Miracle pixie dust

I saw Randy Travis interviewed by Dan Rather ….on The Big Interview…. last month  

Randy Travis suffered a stroke in 2013 and he was very close to death. God was with him… and pulled him out the stroke ….a few weeks later.

With lifetime sales in excess of 25 million, Randy Travis was one of the biggest record sellers of all time …and a recent inductee …into the Country Music Hall of Fame…. class of 2016.  

Randy Travis Was A Different Person

Before he suffered a stroke, ….he divorced his wife  DA  I won’t  comment on that DA  

He had a girlfriend, Mary, and she stood by him …when the stroke nearly took his life when he suffered a stroke.  She didn’t have to…she just did it.  And she married him AFTER he had the stroke!

Mary Was A True Saint After He Suffered A Stroke

Mary is a TRUE saint.

It was amazing to watch after he suffered a stroke.  Dan Rather would ask him a question.  He would think about it,…. but got this look in his eye that he was trying, but just couldn’t get the words together.  She would quickly answer the question asked …of him.

DA Dan Rather didn’t say“I asked Randy, so you be quite.” DA

Everything ….was about HIM After He Suffered A Stroke

Everything ….was about HIM after he suffered a stroke.  And she kept on saying ….what a wonderful …voice he had.

Mary would keep saying ….that Randy was a miracle. … But I think the true miracle …was Mary.


This reminded me a lot of Jill, my wife after I suffered a stroke.   You can go to my video on (www.lifeafterthestroke.com  Show son the screen how to do it) and watch how Jill answered so quickly …for me.  I am in awe when I think about what she did for me ….all those years (jill is an angel)…without making it about her. I don’t tell her enough how remarkable she really is!

I am lost for words when I realize what Mary, Jill, (National Stroke Association, get help now) and countless others… have done…. caring for their loved one ….and NEVER making it about themTHEY…our caregivers… are the true heroes!

How could people get divorced? It is devastating!

How could they get divorced?  Pixie Dust

DA People ….are getting …a divorce? DA

In 2020, Gordon Viggiano I had extra time to do some different things.  My speaking business has disappeared because of Covid. But I figured, that I would spend a little more time on Facebook and re-kindle the relationships I USED to have. 


And what did I find?   …. People are getting divorced!  In my busy, hectic  time,…. I didn’t think about it…so now, I… did because of Covid.

For me and my wife Jill, it brought me closer to her ….and I thought…. that was true of everyone. DA Nope. DA

I counted the people I knew who got divorced   ….I was amazed….At least 22  people …I know of…got divorced!

What set it off? … I knew this one couple BEFORE they were married because they both had good jobs and were excited about getting married.  Along the way, they gave birth to 3 beautiful children.  I thought: they did it right;…. THEY are the ones to look at as a happily married.

Then I read on Facebook that ….they were getting a divorce.  DA What??? DA 

They SEEMED so happy!  What went wrong?

They were married for a number of years and they became incompatible.  Rather than work through it, ….they got divorced.

That depressed me. 

DA Are people ever happy? DA

When your kids get married, …do you celebrate…or do just you wait patiently until they get divorced?

Why are people so fickle ?

When I was MUCH younger, I thought I understood ….the way life.  You go out, you really like someone ….and you get married…..  If it doesn’t go as planned, ….you get divorced. It seemed quite simple, right?

What changed my thinking?… I met Jill. The day I meet her,…. I KNEW I wanted to be with her…. the rest of my life.   DA Doesn’t EVERYONE have that feeling? DA

We both have been tested…and we both have honored the commitment we made.   The few times we disagreed, we talked about it,….resolved it.…and it was over.

Why can’t everyone have THAT!