Chocolate Chip Cookies

Graphic of new neighborhood  Put on the email doc

How about some chocolate chip cookies?   Have in Pixie Dust   Put in the headline

Why don’t the current homeowners Gordon Viggiano welcome new homeowners when they move into their neighborhood???  PAUSE The new homeowners have to be a little stressed …so we should enjoy making them feel welcomed with chocolate chip cookies.  PAUSE

We Moved Into A New Neighborhood

When we moved into this neighborhood,  2 neighbors came to greet us and welcome us.  PAUSE Don’t get me wrong: I am delighted that those 2 put in the effort.  PAUSE  

And those people still say HI to us after all our 4 years in this development.  But I still feel like more neighbors should have done something, maybe by offering some chocolate chip cookies.. PAUSE  PAUSE

A few people just moved in and I was very excitedPAUSE  But when I walked past  them, …they would retreat into their garage!  And this happened MANY times. PAUSE  I wondered…Why????  PAUSE

Back In The Day

When this happened in the way distant past,  I  would walk over to them and introduce myself. PAUSE

I would say: Where are you from? PAUSE  

Different Angle Do you have kids? 

 How old are they? 

Where do you work?  

Where did you meet?  

How long did you date before you got married?  

How did you know that this WAS the one for you?    Etc…  PAUSE 

Back When I Was Young

Fast forward to a couple years ago…. I would go over to meet the new neighbors, and then I would freeze when they asked Me questions.  PAUSE

Different Angle I don’t know if you noticed, but I am a bit awkward since my stroke 12 years ago. Different Angle

So me going on my own wasn’t going to work.  I could ask Jill to join me, but we needed to bring ….something. 

I thought: why can’t we make chocolate chip cookies for them?  I asked my wife Jill PAUSE and she loved the idea!  PAUSE

Jill Was Up For The Idea

PAUSE  Of course, I didn’t want her to do all the work, …so here is what we agreed upon:

Gordon Type On computer screen

– Buy the chocolate chip cookie dough 

– Start the oven

– Layout the chocolate chip cookies on the pan

– Cook the chocolate chip cookies

New Screen  

But I needed some help.  So Jill would: 


– Put the chocolate chip cookies in a bag

– Label the chocolate chip cookies: from the Viggiano’s

– Help me deliver the chocolate chip cookies

When we got ready to deliver the chocolate chip cookies for the first time last week, she wanted to make sure we wouldn’t take the whole afternoon some graphic showing me babble asking questions. .  PAUSE  I assured her that we would not.  PAUSE

Chocolate Chip Cookies

PAUSE  Here is a little something we put together so could know our new neighbors. Our Neighborhood It’s kind of crude PAUSE  but it does work.  PAUSE You think a redesign would be something that PAUSE  Jill should do?  PAUSE  Snicker