A few weeks ago, I went to Portland Saving Strokes…at the golf course. Clever title, right?  Once again, I had my phone, and didn’t think of taking pictures.  Will I ever learn?  When I told the people I could draw people hitting the ball, they quickly rushed me this picture of ME trying to hit the ball.

They invited stroke victims and their care givers out for a morning of golf lessons followed up with lunch.  I really had a nice time and I plan to do it again next year.

You had to be there.  We all look normal, but it ends there.  There were  people who couldn’t stand, those who couldn’t see, couldn’t talk (that’s me) and those who couldn’t swing a club (and that was me too.) But we all tried…and it was fabulous.  When we went to the chipping green, I has to sit down…and they had a chair!  It is the little things that make an event fun… having a chair was one of them.

Fortunately, my wife wasn’t there to experience the event. But I did draw her this picture: