It is FINALLY over…

Sorry I didn’t write sooner; I was just overwhelmed with my clean shaved face!  I made a donation to the National Stroke Association and I will give to the Salvation Army (when ever I see them collecting) in December.

So far, I am doing as I promised. But I have to get something I don’t normally carry…money…so I can keep my promise of the season.  Promises are important to keep. This may be a BIG month for my donations, but it is important. Believe me, my cash donations are not large. I am doing with a little less this month because I believe it is important.  Why?  Because I didn’t shave for a month and it made me realize the MANY people have it worse off then me.

If you are up to it and NOT a female, try going unshaven next November. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my life.