Was your holiday great?


Mine was fantastic!  I am beginning to turn the corner and I am excited about all that is coming my way.

The funny thing: I can’t explain it…it just happened.

I guess it was my 3+ years of phone calls…. EVERYDAY …that made it happen. Or maybe it was the 10,000+ emails I sent to my database that got a little traction.  Or maybe it was not letting the first…or second…or third…or xth “no” that I heard stop me. Or maybe it was all the things I kept posting on LinkedIn that drew attention.  I just kept trying.

I can’t believe it has taken so long to reach this goal.  And this is the initial goal I had…it’s not the long term goal!  But now, the long-term goal is looking like a reality.  When I started, I though it would be a year.  Then I thought it would be two years. Then I was sure it would be three year.  Now, the 4th year, things are beginning to happen!

I was listening to Joel Osteen yesterday and he spoke about what I was encountering.  It felt good to be acknowledged that I was doing the right things and I shouldn’t stop. He said that good things will come.  He was right!

I still have plenty of work to do; I am now seeing what lies ahead.  Wish me luck!

I am starting to get traction…


I felt I was ready last year to start marketing myself, so I started AGAIN to record my calls. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to hear me speak. Even one year later, I still can’t believe what is coming out of my mouth.

Before I make the call to my prospect, I generally have an idea of what I want to accomplish; I have a whole sequence that I lead him through.  I picked up this great suggestion at last years NSA meeting after speaking to Laurie Guest.  I told her I couldn’t communicate properly with people and she suggested this:

  • Get email and phone number
  • Send 1 0f 3 initial emails
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt ONLY
  • Please take 2 minutes to view this video I did on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Kv2dfxMF8ItIt really explains my predicament!

Then, I play him/her the video:


Now, I am gearing up for a number of follow up appointments. After almost a year, this is starting to gain traction.   I need to take it to the NEXT level.  I will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

I am starting to try my NEW approach!

If you remember from 2 months ago, I was beginning to start my NEW approach.  I was a bit wary on it, so I asked some of my friends what they thought and they gave me a few ideas.  So I took their ideas, “memorized” my lines and now I am ready to go. So far, it is encouraging…but only time will tell!  Here is my plan:


  • Get email and phone number
  • Send 1 0f 3 initial emails
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt ONLY
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation (carefully script)
  • After talk, if appropriate, present 3 options and say:
    • “Super. I am going to think this thru and then get back to you with 3 options.  Let’s schedule something now.  What looks good for you on xxxx?
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Attempt to close

What do you think? Anything missing?


Since I have had my new action plan in place (for 3 days), I have gotten a few nibbles.  I started out sending the email out to the people I have had trouble reaching, and three of them have responded!

This really excites me!  Here’s the process I am following:

  • Get emails and phone numbers
  • Send 1st email
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt
  • When I reach prospect, schedule appointment ONLY; don’t talk about it
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation to understand their needs (Still working on it)
  • After talk, if appropriate, tell the prospect I want to present 3 options
  • Set appointment date
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Close

I better start working on the scripted presentation. This may be the turning point….

YES…4 more speeches this month!

Sure…I guess this is ok.

Naturally, I want it to be more.  I am ALWAYS wanting more.  But I have to stay calm and BUILD my business.  The problem is that I hate it when I am NOT building my business.  Everyday I should be making phone calls, meeting with people, networking, etc.

The problem is that I don’t talk very well.  See the dilemma?

Sometimes I tape record the calls.  I have had meetings when I thought I was spectacular and I couldn’t wait to hear how I sounded.  I turn on the tape and each time I am stunned. I can’t believe what I am hearing.  I THINK I am doing a good job, but when I hear myself speak, I realize that all the people AROUND me are the ones being kind. I am terrible…even after 6.5 years.

When I talk…and read from a script, I do great.  But when I try to improvise, that is where I fall down. I am thinking about scripting MORE of my calls.   What do you think?