Another Success

PainfulBlessingCvr-Front-for-webJill did another Book Tour in Springfield, OR.

It was during lunch and I must say, it was extremely successful. Jill spoke for 10 minutes and then people asked questions for over an hour. WOW.  They asked everything!  A few people even decided to ask me a question.

The first person asked me a question.  For the first time, I didn’t understand what he meant. I thought about it, but was uncertain how to answer.  Luckily, Jill answered.  Then, someone else asked a question.  Again, I didn’t quite know what he meant.   Normally, I understand everything…I just can’t get the words out.  I never had this issue before of not understanding the question. I will have to see if this continues.

The Blessings are appearing


My book, Painful Blessing, has now been available for a month–long enough for people to read it and respond with their reactions.  It is wonderful to hear from people who can relate to our experiences or who are inspired to face their challenges more boldly.

Now that our story is out there for anyone to read, we have the opportunity to listen to people who would otherwise NEVER speak about their own struggles.  I am reminded that everyone wants to be heard and understood.  By telling our story, others feel safe telling us their stories.  It is humbling and gratifying.

Jill Viggiano

Your going to be on the AM Northwest show?

Yes, they found me!   OK, I lied.  I contacted them.AM Northwest

On Tuesday, May 13, watch AM Northwest at 9:00am on KATU.  If you miss the show, we will tape it and post the show once we secure it.  If you looking to hear Jill speak, you will really like this show.  Jill will dazzle you with her insight.

If you are waiting to hear me speak, I am afraid you will be disappointed. If they ask me yes/no questions, I am a star.  But beyond that, I struggle.  I am sure a few of you saw that at Teri Oelrich’s author party Saturday night.  I handled the yes/no questions, but beyond that, I had a tough time.


Time to get working on the book…

bookIt is sort of staring at blank pages.  I know what needs to be done, but I am SCARED to get started.  But I guess I should relax…and get on with working.

OK, I am ready.  The progress we have made so far is pretty impressive.

Here is where we are:

  • We get our pictures taken tomorrow and will have them back in 3 days
  • When that is done, we can begin our cover (I can’t wait)
  • Along with the cover, I hope for two other pieces: a book mark and a mailer…all with the cover logo on it.  That sounds kind of neat, doesn’t it?
  • David is continuing to work on the internal layout and should be done this week

That’s what I am working on now.  I will see how the web site is progressing.