# 1 on the BLOG list…


I had an idea.  What if I looked at the 37 Blog Post Ideas I got from Andrea Sullenger and picked one idea to write about?  Let us see how it goes.

First on the list: What idea that triggered your start?

That’s easy: I had a stroke.

After people learned about what had happened, they all wanted to meet with me when I came back. The problem was that I came back too soon.  I would walk into a meeting, with Jill by my side, and I couldn’t say anything.  I knew what I wanted to say, but it wouldn’t come out.

Then, I had a plan.  I would practice BEFORE the meeting and I felt I really understood the meeting before I arrived.  But when I arrived, the same thing would happen.  I would get stuck after 1 quick sentence.  I couldn’t even get out the information I had practiced.

Then I had another great idea: I would be part of The Olsen Group’s Team.  It seemed like a good idea, but really, I still couldn’t talk.  Jill would fill in where I couldn’t.  It turned out to be Jill 90%, Me 10%!

I had tried it for two years. What could I do?  Stay with the Olsen Group and get paid for something Jill did?

During all this, I was going to deliver a speech to my friends who had helped us though this ordeal.  I practiced the speech for 8 months before I was able to deliver it. Then the night came.  When I was done, the audience stood and applauded!  I couldn’t believe it; each person was moved in a different way.  The response: Tell this story to EVERYONE!

So, you have my 80 friends to thank!

37 Blog Post Ideas



It’s no secret. Blogging is crucial to your business. If you don’t have a blog, get moving and make it happen.

You might be saying, but what am I going to blog about. This is your lucky day, because I’m offering up 37 blog post ideas so you won’t be stuck on a topic.

  1. The idea that triggered your start
  2. A photo showing a positive moment during training or speaking with text
  3. Talk about one positive transition that can happen to a person as a result of implementing one of your ideas
  4. Features of your training or coaching method
  5. One trick you use to stay on track in your business
  6. A video testimonial with transcribed text
  7. 3 reasons not to attend your training session ie. You want to stay in a dead-end job etc.
  8. A review of a book related to your niche
  9. 3 ways you would lose if you didn’t sign up for the newest training
  10. A commentary on how you found your passion
  11. 5 Questions a customer should ask before purchasing your book or training
  12. An audio testimonial
  13. A transcript of a commercial, webinar or interview you did
  14. A review of a movie that has a connection to your topic
  15. Compile a list of pain points which would send a client to you
  16. An interview with one of your satisfied clients
  17. Why you use social media in your business
  18. A written testimonial
  19. A commentary on a seminar you attended
  20. A summary of a periscope broadcast you did or viewed
  21. Create a contest for your clients and explain how it works
  22. An interview with one of your employees, associates or virtual assistants
  23. A review of another blog post (with their permission)
  24. Make a completely incorrect statement about your niche, explain how some people are misled, then set them straight and emphasize the facts
  25. A way to effectively implement one of your lesser-known strategies
  26. Create a challenge for yourself, and then report on your progress
  27. A review of a webinar you watched which was connected to your business
  28. Make a list of reasons why your training or book rocks
  29. Do a survey related to your field
  30. A personal story about a business success in the last week
  31. Ask a question related to your niche and proceed to answer it in detail
  32. A commentary on a news article that ties into your niche
  33. Create a review of an app you use in your business
  34. Come up with a survey about one aspect of your training or coaching
  35. Blog about a celebrity and connect it to your niche
  36. Invite another blogger to do a guest blog, and then write a blog in response
  37. Post a video of yourself telling a story about a win you recently experienced, then transcribe your story

As you write blogs from this list, check them off. As you think of other blog ideas, add them to the list. Keep up your awesome blogging momentum and your business will thank you.

Go write your blog!

See more at http://www.andreasullenger.com

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Photo: The Better India

If you want to share with others, I added something to my website.

First, you NOW can email it to select users.  Just select EMAIL in the SHARE THIS list and enter any person you want to send it to.

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OR just added it to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, ETC and ALL you people will have access to my post!  That’s it!

We were featured on the Radio!

KKPZ featured Jill Viggiano on their recent radio program!  Did you hear it?

If you didn’t to listen, KKPZ gave us a link to the program so more people could hear our talk.  Actually, the talk was mostly Jill speaking.  I had trouble getting my words out!  If you listen closely, you MAY hear me mutter a few things.

When you listen to it, send me a note (back to this blog page) and let me know what you thought of it.  Was it too long, too short, was there good info on it, etc.