I Did My Tenth Video Blog!

My Tenth 3-5 Minute Video Blog   Pixie dust

This will be my Tenth 3-5 minute video blog, (have sign with 10 blog) since I reluctantly started my video blog businessebout how long my video is in August this year.  

I  was all set to have a banner year of 3-5 minute video talks, …but all my planned work …(public speaking)got canceled!! 

I had the opportunity GV to do a re-think … my plan

Re-Thinking My Plan of 3-5 Minute Videos

Maybe this would be a good time to start my 3-5 Minute Video Blog business?  With my motivational …speaking business GONE, …this seemed like a good option. 

When I started out, I first had to write what I wanted to say and keep it to 3-5 minutes.  DA  I hit my first check mark. DA

My Vlog Business

I was fine writing my vlog DA(that is what the users call their video blogs) DA but I faced challenges when it became time to read my speech.  Here is a brief video after a number of re-edits …when I read my speech….for the very first time:  (First video blog)   

I look at that talk …and I cringe when I watch it …!  

Even Now , if I don’t practice the delivery of my speech for 2-3 months…and memorize the  lines, I can’t give my talk. 


The workaround:  I still have to practice, but I don’t need to memorize the whole thing before I record. I do one line at a time…then stop the video …and memorize the next line …then record that line.  

This appears to work…and it is the only workaround I came up with.  Given this, I can do 2-3 talks per month, 3-5 minutes per talk.

Small Steps

Now that I said it, I can’t believe it takes me so long to get a 3-5 minute video out to you!  ….DA It is what it is! DA 

Do you want to look at …how far I’ve come?

Record over clips

3-5 Minute Videos

I started out  talking about how hard it was for me get an audible tone out that you could understand. show me taking with sound wiped out

ThenI talked about how long it would take me to get out my message  show me taking with sound wiped out

Love languages   I looked at how love languages worked…. in my life 

Fry’s going out of business   Then I looked at Fry’s and wondered HOW they were still in business with their lack of inventory

Chocolate chip cookies   We started giving Chocolate Chip Cookies  to ALL our new neighbors going forward.  Son getting married   I visited My son Tom and his new bride …Bethany …as they exchanged they wedding vows

Some Not So Rewarding

Sister in law dying   My next talk needed to be rushed…when my sister in-law Andrea Viggiano died suddenly

Kate Brown shutting down restaurants  There is nothing better than shutting down all the restaurants for two weeks… like Kate Brown did around Thanksgiving…and Now the shutdown has been extended!!!

Most wonderful son award  And finally, my mom gave me the Most Wonderful Son Award …which I still cherish.

Can I Make It With 3-5 Minutes Video?

Now the real question: Can I any make money at it? 

There are plenty of people  making a good living  (look at a few people)  …so why not take a chance?  Besides, I’m only 63 years old; it would be too early to do NOTHING!!! 

I will talk to you all… next year!  Happy Holidays!

You Need To Use An Outline

Use you outline before you give a speech!

Video Blog 2 v.11  

Put Name across my body

Check it out. (Point to screen) Rather the me saying my name, (This is Gordon Viggiano)  my name is appearing right here (point down to where it is appearing) .  

I am becoming a Video… expert. Smile  (PAUSE) 

In The Beginning

Back when I was a speaker… (different angle) (it sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it….) (different angle) I had years to perfect my talk.  I would make a change in a sentence…and I would practice that change until it sounded perfect (PAUSE)

Sometimes ….I wouldn’t make any changes at all

And other times,  I would change a whole paragraph. (have image of freaking out.) ….Then I needed to practice for a long time before I was able to deliver that speech

Outline  (display on camera; use nice font)

So what does it mean to need an Outline? (PAUSE)

Everyone Need An Outline

If you are like my wife, she would take a couple of notes(show note pad) before she was about to speak.  She would read them over a few times…. and that’s was  it.  When she spoke, she sounded like she really knew her talk and she was an expert in her field.  (PAUSE) (PAUSE)

…Then there was Me.  (PAUSE)

My outline was random words written on paper. (PAUSE) 

I can read the words, but I didn’t really know what they meant.  …. It takes practice of saying these words…..over and over and over again…Even then, I still had to have my outline in front of me.  

Actually…., this isn’t an outline,…. it’s really a script show script…There are the directions of when to smile, when to laugh and  …..when to pause ….and for how long. (PAUSE)

None of this comes naturally. (PAUSE)

I wrote this script on September 12 and gave it version 1 (show real script).  (PAUSE) Then each day,… I modified the script to make it better.  It was sometimes missing a word ….or clarifying a sentence that just didn’t make sense.  I changed the script to version 2, ….version 3, …etc. 

I wanted to know how many script changes it does take before I start to practice my live talk. Show this one I have at the time of recording  This one took me 11 versions. (PAUSE)

You remember how much I have to practice the script before I go live???  In the past, it took weeks !!  Now I’m trying to reduce that time.

You wanted to know something?  It still won’t be THAT good.  (PAUSE)  I realize that. (PAUSE) 

My Wish

My hope is somebody will watch my talk and decide THEY are not afraid of trying something and failing. Failing only happens when you are trying to succeed. In my former life, I understood that. (PAUSE)

So my lesson: Don’t be afraid;  (PAUSE)  Take risks.

(PAUSE) What is the worse thing that could happen?  

(different angle)

Before I can Fortunately…I can cut the camera  (Show me saying that)…. (PAUSE) (different angle) 

What does this mean??? (PAUSE) I just left it in here because it happens everytime I write. (PAUSE) It totally make sense to me, but it doesn’t make sense when I read it.


I just thought that was funny….Don’t you agree?? That’s why I include all script changes and version changes when writing this…I really want it tomake sense 

Just a quick question:This is my second attempt at a video blog.Am I showing any improvement??? Smile

My VERY First VIDEO Blog!!!

The start of my new Video Series!!!!

Check out the video that I recorded on September 2014. Hopefully, you sill see perhaps a tiny difference????


Just For Fun…

I am showing you the SCRIPT I used for this 2 minute talk. Notice, EVERYTHING has to be put in or I will forget to do it. Enjoy!


Hi …I am Gordon Viggiano. 

I recorded my FIRST video on my WEBSITE in September 2000 and 14…and back THEN it was VERY difficult to talk.  Don’t believe me?  …watch this 2 minute video and let me know what YOU think.  Switch Angle  You will notice the glasses as you watch this. Switch Angle

I didn’t realize how much BETTER I got; I cringe when I see that recording of me… even now!

So this ….is my very first video …Blog.  This is VERY challenging for me.  I don’t know about you, but I am excited!!!

Started Out Slowly

I am starting out kind of slow; I’m not really teched out either.  I have my iPhone…a camera holder… and a ring lamp. 

And of course, I have my script. show script   That’s it!!!

On my script,you see the words I want to TRY to to communicate with you.  But in edition to that, you will see my notes …in  RED (use RED)… to show when I want to use still pictures, ….in PINK ( use PINK picture) to show what I was feeling at the time, …and in BOLD Face (show BOLD FACE) when I want to emphasize a word.  And of course, you will see me smiling…or my Serious look…or even Laughing


The big question: How long will in take me to get my video out to you?  Back in 2014, it took me a month of saying this speech over and over again before I put it out.  Even then….I wasn’t that good.  

In future Videos, I will talk about what I was going through at the time… and how that was effecting me during my recovery process.  Of course, I will offer some humor (Smile) to break it up.  

In the meantime, I going to be practicing talking my talk in front of a camera. I’ll tell you at the end how long it took me to rehearse before I release it to you.  Switch Angle   It took me ___. 

My First Blog…

OK, this is not my FIRST blog, I posted 673 blogs already.

However, today I will be starting my NEW Blog…Life After The Stroke. After careful consideration of what I would after the pandemic, I am decided to be a full time blogger, while I can be home and travel for pleasure. The speaking business has had its challenges and most of the speakers are giving the presentations in ZOOM. That works, but not for the people I am trying to reach.

I Start My New Gig…Today!

I hope you will join me in my new venture; I am VERY excited about what the next chapter looks like. You notice I said MY new venture; I am going to try to keep the stress off of Jill. But after I said it, there ARE still some things that I will ask her to do… but don’t tell her.

First, before I start my blog in September, let me give the good news: my two children got engaged, to different people, in August.

We spent time with each of them in the past year, but we didn’t expect this…in the same month; Holy cow!!!! (It has been said I say that often.) Now, there are ALL the things associated with a wedding.

Stella, Rachel, Nat, Ryan
Tom, Bethany, Gordon, Jill

Who Will Be First?

So who is getting married first? As of now (things change hourly),

Tom is expecting a tiny ceremony in December 2020 and he will have 2 “parties” in Oregon and in New Jersey sometime in the future.

Jill did the leg work and found out what it would cost to do at Oswego Hills Winery. (Note: Jill is having frequent conversations with Tom and Bethany so things are for ever changing.) It DOESN’T look like they will be having it there…but things change!

Rachel is planning a ceremony and party on November 6, 2021…so we have a year to plan. I am guessing she is VERY excited about that one. She told us they are looking at Anthem, AZ for a hew home. How exciting!

Where Do I Start?

In September, I will be trying NEW stuff. I will talk about my early days of the stroke and think back on what I learned about myself during the stroke. I will be addressing some serious topics and throw some humor to make it lighter.

I am only planning on 1 maybe… occasionally 2 blogs per week because writing a blog is difficult! Also, I want to do some video blogs…and they are V E R Y difficult to do!

While it sounds good, consider this: First, I have to write out what I want to say…and then I have to practice saying it. Easy? I did a two minute video of me talking about why I would not be communicating during our meeting. The video was recorded 6 years ago (nice glasses), so I am a little better now… but the 2 minute video took a month to get it right! Even now, I cringe when I watch it, so that is up in the air.

Are You Still Interested In Receiving my Posts?

You may want to opt-out of my Constant Contact list; I understand if you opt-out of my list because I am changing direction. Simply go to the bottom of my post to opt out.

Go to bottom to unsubscribe!!!

And finally…

Here is the reason we enjoy life…


Is this a sign I am going in the right direction?  As I was completing the final edits on my blog this week, I received this from Keith:

Today, I’d like to send you a thought about being happy with your life after having a stroke.

First of all, I realize that this is a weird time with the whole Covid thing going on. It is tough when you can’t see your family and friends like your used to. Even when you do, you have to be careful and “Social Distance” yourself.

Then, with all of the chaos that is taking place for us right now…anger, injustice, racism, and just a question of our own future, it makes for a tough time.

But, I’d like to talk about your own personal happiness right now.

It’s as if no-one wants to show their good attitude to others due to all of the problems we see in our society today.

We feel guilty when we show a positive attitude, especially after having had a stroke.

We ask ourselves the questions; “Who am I to be happy? How can I be the one who is leading the way by being a positive influence out in the world right now? Should I be depressed and down due to what I have went through?”

Please allow yourself the permission and gift of being happy!

Yes, you can be concerned about all of things that are going on in your life currently.

At the same time you can still work toward making your life, and the life of others, a great place to be.

I’ve been generally happy my whole life.

Not that I haven’t been broke and lost it all in the past, failed many times (more than I want to admit), felt tired and ready to give up, moved around and around trying to find my place.

I’ve been depressed and discouraged, especially after having the stroke.

No doubt I’ve also been very lucky, and blessed with so many great friends and family (not to mention my incredible wife) in my life.

But being positive with all of the STUFF we have gone through is a CHOICE!

It is sometimes very hard to change, I get it. However, you can make this change if you need to. 

I am reminded of my own Dad when I am feeling sorry for myself. He has gone through a ton in his life…Had cancer when he was in his 30’s, lost his business, broke his neck (was shoeing a horse, and got pushed over into a huge tractor tire), had a stroke recently, and yet still has a great attitude at the age of 83. We tease him and tell him he has 9 lives!

He has made the choice to be happy.

I know it’s not always easy! It’s difficult to find happiness in life. Remember, you are not the only one that has gone through tough times. We all do.

However, you can make the choice to work on yourself and grow your own joy.

Don’t be ashamed of being the one who chooses to be happy.

It can be a great power for you, and set a great example for those you care about and love.

Have a great week!


This is the kind of thing I want to focus on in my blog…and I received it AFTER I wrote my blog. I don’t know about you, but I think this was a sign that I am going in the right direction!

I Know What You Are Thinking….

Wait… didn’t you write to us yesterday?

Yes I did…but I am becoming bored!  Aren’t you?

It is my birthday...and many people are writing to wish me good cheer. So I am sitting by my computer acknowledging the well wishes.

No story would be complete without the mention of the Corona Virus. My guess is that EVERYONE is tired of hearing about it and welcomes when it is over.

You can go back to my very FIRST blog in July 2012 and read how is quickly coming up on my 4 year anniversary of my stroke; that was 602 Blogs ago! Can you believe it has been 602 Blog Posts?

When I started, I figured I can go for 100 of so Blogs; but here I am at 602! My first few year a blogging, I had pictures, but I had to delete them because I was sued.  I guess they don’t appreciate using the photos that other posted on line. Now I pay a licensing fee to ShutterStock so I can use their photos.  I must say, they have some awesome pics.

Anyway, thanks for reading this.

I don’t realize when I am having an impact…..

Impacting others is a theme I have when writing my blog posts.  Each post, I get an overview of how many people read my blog.  When I write something REALLY personal, I get a large number of readers…and I get personal emails of how I impacted that reader.  When I wrote about retirement a few days ago, I got this response and asked if I can use it in my blog.  She graciously said yes:


I met you and your sweet wife at a Portland Executives meeting a couple years ago or more.

I have enjoyed following your blogs and your journey.  I know you can’t speak but does the typing for your blog still bring you joy?  Your thoughts in the blog are an encouragement to so many I’m sure.  

I was treated a year ago for what was initially thought to be a stroke.  It didn’t turn out to be one however it was a migraine acting like a stroke.  Determined probable cause – stress. Imagine that.  I’ve really worked at becoming unhurried and learning how to relax and enjoy the moments in my life.  Patience does not come easily as you know.  I remember some years ago when my husband was dying of cancer I realized everything in life comes from inside ourselves and of course through God in our lives.  Yet it took me years to begin working on the inside.

It’s not that I don’t think you know any of these things, I have seen much of it in your blog.  I just wonder if you are looking too hard for fulfillment in retirement. Please forgive my thoughts if they intrude or are things you’ve already considered.  Retirement is for what we’ve longed for during our lives, time to give to others, time to study something that won’t make us any money but will enrich our soul.  

Think about what you want to retire from – that is important.  But keep the things that still feed your soul.  I will continue to keep you in my prayers as I think of you.  Keep up the good work, your life is an encouragement to others whether we can speak or not.  

With hugs, Jan

# 1 on the BLOG list…


I had an idea.  What if I looked at the 37 Blog Post Ideas I got from Andrea Sullenger and picked one idea to write about?  Let us see how it goes.

First on the list: What idea that triggered your start?

That’s easy: I had a stroke.

After people learned about what had happened, they all wanted to meet with me when I came back. The problem was that I came back too soon.  I would walk into a meeting, with Jill by my side, and I couldn’t say anything.  I knew what I wanted to say, but it wouldn’t come out.

Then, I had a plan.  I would practice BEFORE the meeting and I felt I really understood the meeting before I arrived.  But when I arrived, the same thing would happen.  I would get stuck after 1 quick sentence.  I couldn’t even get out the information I had practiced.

Then I had another great idea: I would be part of The Olsen Group’s Team.  It seemed like a good idea, but really, I still couldn’t talk.  Jill would fill in where I couldn’t.  It turned out to be Jill 90%, Me 10%!

I had tried it for two years. What could I do?  Stay with the Olsen Group and get paid for something Jill did?

During all this, I was going to deliver a speech to my friends who had helped us though this ordeal.  I practiced the speech for 8 months before I was able to deliver it. Then the night came.  When I was done, the audience stood and applauded!  I couldn’t believe it; each person was moved in a different way.  The response: Tell this story to EVERYONE!

So, you have my 80 friends to thank!

37 Blog Post Ideas



It’s no secret. Blogging is crucial to your business. If you don’t have a blog, get moving and make it happen.

You might be saying, but what am I going to blog about. This is your lucky day, because I’m offering up 37 blog post ideas so you won’t be stuck on a topic.

  1. The idea that triggered your start
  2. A photo showing a positive moment during training or speaking with text
  3. Talk about one positive transition that can happen to a person as a result of implementing one of your ideas
  4. Features of your training or coaching method
  5. One trick you use to stay on track in your business
  6. A video testimonial with transcribed text
  7. 3 reasons not to attend your training session ie. You want to stay in a dead-end job etc.
  8. A review of a book related to your niche
  9. 3 ways you would lose if you didn’t sign up for the newest training
  10. A commentary on how you found your passion
  11. 5 Questions a customer should ask before purchasing your book or training
  12. An audio testimonial
  13. A transcript of a commercial, webinar or interview you did
  14. A review of a movie that has a connection to your topic
  15. Compile a list of pain points which would send a client to you
  16. An interview with one of your satisfied clients
  17. Why you use social media in your business
  18. A written testimonial
  19. A commentary on a seminar you attended
  20. A summary of a periscope broadcast you did or viewed
  21. Create a contest for your clients and explain how it works
  22. An interview with one of your employees, associates or virtual assistants
  23. A review of another blog post (with their permission)
  24. Make a completely incorrect statement about your niche, explain how some people are misled, then set them straight and emphasize the facts
  25. A way to effectively implement one of your lesser-known strategies
  26. Create a challenge for yourself, and then report on your progress
  27. A review of a webinar you watched which was connected to your business
  28. Make a list of reasons why your training or book rocks
  29. Do a survey related to your field
  30. A personal story about a business success in the last week
  31. Ask a question related to your niche and proceed to answer it in detail
  32. A commentary on a news article that ties into your niche
  33. Create a review of an app you use in your business
  34. Come up with a survey about one aspect of your training or coaching
  35. Blog about a celebrity and connect it to your niche
  36. Invite another blogger to do a guest blog, and then write a blog in response
  37. Post a video of yourself telling a story about a win you recently experienced, then transcribe your story

As you write blogs from this list, check them off. As you think of other blog ideas, add them to the list. Keep up your awesome blogging momentum and your business will thank you.

Go write your blog!

See more at http://www.andreasullenger.com