How Did I Do?


I THINK I did OK; at least my wife TOLD me she was proud of me!

When I got done, I felt kind of bad because I thought I could have done better.  But I am going to believe my wife; she is a good indicator of how I went.

I thought I would keep trying to develop way to get more people to sign up for my blog.  I tweaked the response.  This is what I did.  After Jill was done talking. I told the attendees to get out their phones.  The I said to enter

They would land here:
I instructed them to fill out there name, and emails address if they want to get my blog. Then I said,  “But wait, there is more!”  I told them they could get an iPad mini if they gave me the name, email address and phone number of someone who would like to here more about this talk.  If they hired me, I would sent then an iPad mini.  This time I had 2 out of 50!  But when I got home, I added another 8 that logged onto my site.

I think I will go back to my OLD method, which was a clip board where they just put their email address.  I have consistently gotten 30-50% from the audiences who heard me speak!

When I call this client this week, I will let you know how I did.

BTW: My wife took this picture from the back of the room.  It is funny; notice how many people are sitting in the back??

Another result is in….

The results of the CAHU in Denver, CO are in!  In looking the other speakers numbers, I guess I did GREAT.  They ranged from 10% to 58%; I was the highest at 69%.

But even better, were the direct quotes. These were 3 of my favorites:

“This story and message was exceptional.  I appreciate the opportunity to hear it and be inspired by it.  Excellent choice.  I have already read to book.”


“I truly appreciated his speech – my husband and I are business partners as well – and we have just applied for Disability Insurance!  I truly appreciated his message, delivery and the book is fabulous!”


“Gordon and his spouse were the highlight of the day. Incredibly moving and everyone in attendance either left completely inspired or needing to check their pulse!” 

And of course, there was the negative:

“I did not see why this speaker was invited.”

At first, I was disappointed. But as I read his quotes about the other speakers, I felt pretty good!  Someone once said “a speech isn’t any good unless you have a negative comment”…or something like that.


What is the most powerful word???

I keep running forward!

People’s reactions to our sharing our story and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in public have been varied but overwhelmingly positive.  Some people feel safe telling us their own health struggles.  Some people resolve to make their marriage a priority.  Some people grow in both their understanding of and compassion for those near them.  Some people scold themselves for obsessing over small problems.  But nearly all people use the word “hope.”


Hope is powerful, filled with possibilities, and is the thing most people need to get themselves out of bed in the morning.  Hope is what kept Jill and me working on the same exercises every day for years.  Hope kept us believing things would get better if we were willing to work for it.  Hope is what we bring to every speech.

Sometimes survivors and their spouses reach out to us privately.  Without exception, they ask us how we have kept moving forward, how we have been able to face the recovery work that seems too hard or pointless, and how have we kept a positive attitude.

The answer?  Hope.  Jill and I have an unshakable belief that together, each day can be a little better than the last.  We set goals with ridiculously aggressive time frames, rarely achieve them, but have great fun trying.  We don’t worry about looking less than perfect—I’m disabled!  I will do the best I can with the body I have.  As long as I keep trying and we can laugh, who cares what I look like?

The only way we lose… is to lose hope.  Sure, there are still big questions for us:  Will I continue to recover?  Do I have a chance at normal life ever again?  I say YES!  I keep getting better everyday.

OK, can you tell that Jill wrote this?  Isn’t she incredible?  I think so!