Have You Visited Fry’s Lately?

Have you visited Frys lately?   Have in Pixie Dust

We were out for our walk in October …and I told my wife …that I wanted to stop at Fry’s in Wilsonville…just to see some of the latest computers.  https://www.frys.com

When I was In California

When we lived in California, I really didn’t have time to visit Frys’; my company had an excellent support staff. PAUSE  The phone system was left for me …and that was enough!

After that, we moved to Oregon in 2001.  PAUSE so I could start my career with egghead.com PAUSE  They were in trouble at the time, …but I thought ….I could fix it. 

Another Angle Silly me!!! Another Angle 

We worked hard for 6 months, but they decided that they couldn’t got on any longer… PAUSE  and declared bankruptcy.  PAUSE  Egghead looked at Fry’s for a financial commitment…. but at the last minute, the  deal… fell through.  PAUSE  Now if you go to the egghead.com website,  you will be redirected to a new site:  amazon! show slide https://www.amazon.com/l/229534

So what happened to me?? I went from VP of sales of a 500 million dollar company …to a sole proprietor…working for myself. PAUSE  You know what….I loved being my own boss.   PAUSE  EVERYTHING was new for me on my little network … and I was up for the challenge.  

I Still Liked Fry’s

PAUSE  But even after that experience, I still liked Fry’s. PAUSE

So I still visited Fry’s …probably about 2 times per year.  PAUSE  My kids we into electronics…so  I could dazzle them with my knowledge. slide about dazzling them 

About 3 years ago, my son Tom wanted to purchased something from Frys.  

Another Angle Knowing everything about all small networks was fun, now I don’t remember anything.  Guess it is the stroke!  Another Angle 

Eventually, I went with him to look around while he made his purchase.   The store …was packed. show slide of busy store

I told him I would check out the computer section;  checking out all the stuff was fascinating!…it was like a dream come true. PAUSE Fry’s was the best! PAUSE PAUSE

Fry’s Changed

Then …I visited Fry’s in late September 2020. PAUSE Oh… my gosh!!!! PAUSE

Remember when you first walked in?

We walked past …where they did returns … nobody was there… PAUSE so we walked into the store.  

There used to be  thousands of DVD’s show slide  that you can choose from.   PAUSE GONE   the shelves were gone; the floor was left bare.  

PAUSE  OK, I thought, maybe their cutting back on DVDs.  Other places did that. PAUSE

So I walked further into the store. The radio section… PAUSE  GONE PAUSE

The TV section…they had only 3 tvs…down from the dozens and dozens they hand earlier!  PAUSE

Then I was sure they had their computer section; PAUSE  it was why Fry’s existed. PAUSE PAUSE There were just shelves …empty of all merchandise.… PAUSE  Back in 2018, there used to be computer equipment … on every shelf!!!  

I couldn’t look anymore and I left the store. 

PAUSE What happened?  PAUSE  

How do you re-build all that was lost?   PAUSE  Maybe it is Covid 19?   PAUSE  We’ll see!  Concern