Jill has to tie my tie!

IMG_0324I am getting ready to go on my first trip…alone!  I am a big boy now.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am nervous. The main reason: Jill ties my ties…and I can’t do it myself!

My Results

In the picture, are my results…after 5 attempts. It looks pretty good….Ok…. it is really bad!  After the 5th time, I am now unable to move my hands.  It just occurred to me: should I be practicing this?  It is a great way to become more proficient.   And the good news: at least I CAN sort of tie my tie.  8 years ago, I couldn’t imagine this feat.  I feel great right now.  Thanks for listening.

For now, I will have a suit and an open shirt when I give my talk.

Quick question: should I say anything….or should I just give my speech?